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  1. marktqm

    Should I buy train ticket ahead of time?

    I was on the train from Hendaye to Bayonne, and Bayonne to SJPP on 28 April 2006. I bought my train ticket that morning in Hendaye. While it is true the end of April will have many walkers, our train to SJPP (consisting of two short rail cars) was barely 20% occupied.
  2. marktqm

    Need advise. Schengen visas & Santiago trip

    In late April 2006 I started on the camino. As early as December 2005 I have already submitted an application for a Schengen Visa (yes, US and EU people are lucky -- they can just leave for the camino on a whim). It is an unusual sort of 'vacation' where there are no confirmed reservations...
  3. marktqm

    Best route to StJPP from the USA

    Yuki, The London-Biarritz option via Ryan Air is popular because the airfare is relatively cheap. The challenge for most (you included?) is to find out which landing place (Paris, Biarritz, Madrid or Bilbao) will you get the best airfare. From those places listed you can take the bus or...
  4. marktqm

    san sebastian to sjpp

    Ooh, where is Grant when you need him? Grant, are you out there? Let's help Kate find out the train timetables to Bayonne. Sorry Kate, when I went to SJPP last year it was a Friday. Yes, traveling on a Sunday can be challenging. What I know is there is a train that starts from Hendaye...
  5. marktqm

    san sebastian to sjpp

    Kate, I suggest taking the bus from San Sebastian to Hendaye. You get off the bus at the Hendaye train station and buy a ticket all the way to SJPP, I think for something like 12 euros. You'll get off the train in Bayonne for a change of train. Good luck! Mark
  6. marktqm

    Is this a good idea?

    30 days apart may be squeezing it too much. I don't know how fast you intend to walk, but I suggest adding a few extra days, esp if you plan on starting from SJPP. A couple of rest days may be needed. If you intend to walk SJPP-Fistera then 30 days will certainly not be enough. Enjoy the...
  7. marktqm

    SNCF rail route Bayonne to SJPP

    Hmm, last year during the short train trip from Bayonne to SJPP the train operator went to us pilgrims handing out single sheet photocopies about some advocacy pertaining to the train line or the train company employees. We were sort of requested to sign on the line at the bottom but since I...
  8. marktqm

    Bilbao to St Jean

    Astrogirl, That's exactly what I just did, and I don't consider it an error at all. Bilbao is the best place to adjust from jet lag, there's the Santiago cathedral where you can get your first sello, and of course, the Guggenheim Museum. It's also where I left my luggage before setting off...
  9. marktqm

    Backbag inside in cabin on the plane?

    That's a horrible story, xm. What I'm curious to know is: did the airline reimburse you for the purchases you made? Mark
  10. marktqm

    Pamplona overnight

    How about contacting Jochen Schmidtke of Casa Paderborn, he's a member of this forum I think. Maybe they can let you stay in their refugio in Pamplona before you set off for Roncesvalles, that is, if there is space available for you. After all, you ARE already a pilgrim the moment you set foot...
  11. marktqm


    Vince, The airport is at Lavacolla, about 7km from Santiago. You need to go to the bus terminal in Santiago to get on the bus to Lugo. Sundays can be a problem. Schedules of businesses (and buses) are different than on weekdays. From what I observed, taxis in Spain are unlike in...