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  1. crad80

    Christmas Mass

    Hi everyone, I will be arriving in Santiago de Compostela on Christmas Day. I was wondering if anyone knows if there is Christmas Mass being held at the cathedral? Thanks in advance. Buen Camino, Crad80
  2. crad80

    Vigo, The Experience

    Hi Everyone, As we head into the month of June, many of you will be either starting or completing your Camino walk. I just wanted to post this four minute video (in Spanish) of the city of Vigo. It's a short train ride from Santiago de Compostela, and it's a great place to visit. There are...
  3. crad80

    Has anyone attempted this Camino walk (2744 km)?

    Hi Everyone, I found this picture on the Internet this morning while waiting for the train to arrive. Does anyone know where this picture is from? If I had a couple (or several) months free, I wouldn't mind trying this Camino walk. But I was wondering if it's even possible? Has anyone...
  4. crad80

    If you had a couple of rest days, where would you take them?

    Hi Everyone, I was just wondering. If you had a couple of rest days, where would you stop and take them on the Camino? On my last Camino, we walked everyday without taking a rest day. But this time, we've got a few extra days before we have to return to the States. Where are some great...
  5. crad80

    Yoga on the Camino de Santiago?

    Hi Everyone, I have two questions: First: I have walked the Camino de Santiago twice, and I don't remember seeing anyone practicing yoga. Soon I will be embarking on my third Camino pilgrimage with some friends who are yoga practitioners. They wanted to know if other pilgrims practice yoga...
  6. crad80

    Nike Watch

    Hi Everyone, I walked the Camino Frances route in 2010 and had a wonderful experience. From St. Jean PDP all the way to Finisterre (Cabo Fisterra), I followed the "yellow arrow." Only once did I have to ask a local which way was the Camino. Turns out it was a little 8 year old child in the...
  7. crad80

    Therapeutic Benefits of Playing Outside

    Hi Everybody, Here's a great article regarding playing outside. Walking the Camino would be a perfect example. Check it out! :) Buen Camino para todos!!! ... l?page=all
  8. crad80

    September 2012

    Hi Everyone, This September I am planning on walking the Camino de Santiago. It will be my second time walking the Camino Frances route. The first time I walked the Camino it was in April of 2011. What will the weather be like in September? And, will there be a lot of people walking the...
  9. crad80

    St. Jean to Roncesvalles elevation?

    Hello Everyone, Does anyone know the exact elevation at the highest peak on the walk from St. Jean Pied-de-Port to Roncesvalles? I know the ascent is pretty steep; and I was wondering if it is like hiking in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado where the air is very thin. Thanks in advance, and...
  10. crad80

    Camino (early March 2012)

    Hi Everyone, This past May, I completed my first Camino de Santiago. I enjoyed it so much I am planning on attempting my second Camino in early of March 2012. Does anyone know the weather conditions during the month of March. When I started my Camino this year, there were patches of snow up...
  11. crad80

    Post Offices

    Hi Everyone, I was just wondering, does anyone know the hours of operation for Spanish Post Offices? Thanks in advance.
  12. crad80

    Santiago to Finisterre????

    Hi Everyone: I am going to be starting my first Camino Frances walk next week. I was just wondering: if the Camino Frances ends in Santiago, then why do people continue on to Finisterre? I hear it's a three-day walk from Santiago to Finisterre (two days is also possible, but NOT recommended)...
  13. crad80

    Pilgrim's office in St. Jean Pied-de-Port

    Hi Everyone, It looks like we'll be starting the Camino de Santiago walk next week. Does anyone know if the Pilgrim's office in St. Jean Pied-de-Port is OPEN on Sundays? If so, do you happen to know the hours of operation? Thanks in advance, and Buen Camino!!!! :D
  14. crad80

    The Camino on Sundays

    Hi Everyone, Is the Camino stores, markets and restaurants open on Sundays? Do I need to stock up on food, water, snacks, etc... the day before? I was just wondering because it is Spain and I do not know how the Spainards like to spend their Sundays. Thanks in advance for any help or...
  15. crad80

    St. Jean Pied de Port or Roncesvalles

    Hi Everyone, I notice on the Camino Forum that some people prefer to start their Camino walk from Roncesvalles, as opposed to starting from St. Jean Pied de Port. What is the main reason for this? The pilgrim's guidebook I am reading recommends starting from St. Jean Pied de Port. Thanks in...
  16. crad80

    Spanish Language

    Hi Everyone, In a few weeks, I will be starting my first Camino. I was just wondering what level of Spanish proficiency is needed for the Camino. Is English spoken at all? Or, is Spanish the only language spoken along the Camino route? Thanks for your help and assistance. I am truly a...
  17. crad80

    Madrid to St. Jean Pied de Port

    Hi Everyone, I am starting my first Camino walk next month. I am arriving in Madrid from the USA. What is the best way to go to St. Jean Pied de Port (i.e., my starting point)? I was planning on taking the train (Renfe) from Madrid to Pamplona; then taking a bus to St. Jean Pied de Port...
  18. crad80

    Altus Poncho in Madrid or Roncesvalles

    Hi there, Does anyone know of a recreational equipment store in either Madrid or Roncevalles where I can purchase an Altus Poncho (size XL)? I just need the name of the store or street location. Any help or assistance is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  19. crad80

    Camino Mid-March????

    Hi there, This will be my first time walking the Camino. I am planning on starting from St. Jean Pied-De-Port on March 17th. I was wondering what the Camino conditions will be like? Is everything open by then? Any help or assistance is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. :)
  20. crad80

    Altus Poncho

    Hi everyone, I am planning on walking the Camino late March/early April of this year. I need to get an Altus poncho (size xl). I live in Los Angeles, CA, and I was wondering if anyone knows if the Altus poncho is sold in the USA? I tried searching the Web but was unable to locate on here in...