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  1. karenfromcali


    Hello fellow pilgrims! I walked the Camino Frances back in 2014 and am now hoping to do so again this summer. This Camino I would like to stay in a monastery or convent, or hopefully more than one. Has anyone stayed at a monastery or convent along the way that they enjoyed? I realize with COVID...
  2. karenfromcali

    Feb/March camino

    Has anyone walked the camino del Norte Feb/March time frame? What were your thoughts? My camino begins Feb 25th and am still decided where to start or which camino to take, ie Frances or somewhere else. (Decisive as usual!) I expect there will be plenty of rain on the del Norte and have read...
  3. karenfromcali

    Current weather on the way.

    I walked the Frances this time last year leaving from St J. and it was raining buckets with overflowing rivers and washed out trails etc. Have been checking the weather periodically and it seems milder and dryer this year. For those of you who live on the Frances are you finding that to be the...
  4. karenfromcali

    LIVE from the Camino Winter pilgrim warning.

    Hi all. Just a warning that part of the trail on the Frances between Larrasoana and Irotz has collapsed due to the heavy rains. It is a section about 30 feet long but it is very difficult to pass. Also the river along the path is very swollen and rapid coming very close to the trail. Please use...
  5. karenfromcali

    Yes, another thread on snoring!

    So I set out on my first day and hauled my bottom up the hill to Valcarlos. Felt I had done well and dragged in after 4 hours of walking. Introduced myself to my fellow albergue pilgrims then promptly passed out on my bunk. I thought I heard giggling in my sleep but figured I was dreaming. Until...
  6. karenfromcali

    I lil off topic

    Finalizing my flight for my February camino. I'm not a fan of flying and am usually (heavily) doped up on xanax or I'm not getting on the plane!! (For those who know who I mean, think 'Mr T'). It is slightly inconvenient to get from southern California through the walking/swimming route to the...
  7. karenfromcali

    Stupid question but..

    I'm sure I am the only one not clear on this, but is the Miam Miam Dodo only available in French? And if so, will it be of any help as I can't speak a word of French? I know it is very popular but how useful can it be if it is only in French? I can't seem to find an English translation.
  8. karenfromcali

    Solid fuel cubes

    I'm doing a winter camino so was considering taking a lightweight pocket stove. Has anyone tried one? And are the fuel cubes easily obtained on the camino? Thanks :)
  9. karenfromcali

    Here we go again.... :)

    Hi everyone. I walked the camino Frances in beginning March/April this year and had the time of my life! Even got to do the Napoleon route which I had so wanted to do and it was amazing! Next year I would like to walk another route starting the beginning of March. I walked in freezing snow...