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  1. Peadarmac

    LIVE from the Camino SJPP to SdC

    Your description of the Volunteers at the Albergue is extremely unfair, unkind and totally uncalled for. Whatever your experience you have absolutely no right to describe these folks as ‘nasty people’. I have only experienced a great welcome and kindness from the Volunteers at this Albergue. In...
  2. Peadarmac

    Winter Camino Francés video (arrived January 6th, 2021)

    Congratulations my friend on creating a new Camino ..... El Camino Egoísta .......
  3. Peadarmac

    COVID Santiago closes down today (Fri Oct 30) from 15.00

    Many thanks for the updates Ivar. Stay safe and well 👍
  4. Peadarmac

    Post your favorite flower photo(s) taken on Camino(part 2)

    Heading up to Alto del Perdón on the CF....September 2017 Ultreia amigos 👍
  5. Peadarmac

    Where is this bridge? Just a little fun.

    Is it the medieval bridge after Cirauqui but before Lorca on the CF ? It's restored now but I think this might be and old photo prior to the reno. Rgds, P
  6. Peadarmac

    COVID Do you still feel like walking?

    Very well said my friend. Thank you for putting so succinctly into words what has been troubling me deeply. I was beginning to despair reading about people wanting to fulfil their OWN desire to walk the Camino again while seemingly completely disregarding the feelings of the local folks who...
  7. Peadarmac

    COVID When will Camino Primitivo open for International travellers?

    Don’t go. Give our Spanish friends time and space to grieve and breathe again after such traumatic times. The Camino will wait for us .....
  8. Peadarmac

    COVID 2020 Camino a possibility?

    Friends, I genuinely have no wish to offend anyone but I really feel strongly that it is neither appropriate nor ethical to be speculating about future Caminos at this time and certainly not on a public Forum such as this. In fact at this critical and desperate time in Spain's history I feel...
  9. Peadarmac

    COVID My "CoronaCamino 2020"

    Brilliant !!!! Many thanks for sharing 😁
  10. Peadarmac

    COVID My "CoronaCamino 2020"

    Friends, We are not in complete lockdown at present here in Ireland but we are anticipating the call very soon. While walking the beach yesterday I came across this curious shell. A tiny baby shell looks like it is growing anew from the old shell. Maybe it's a sign that whatever else may...
  11. Peadarmac

    Veteran Member

    Veteran Member
  12. Peadarmac

    Baggage Transfer

    Hola , Check out these guys, PILBEO. Walked with a buddy in September who was recovering from a back operation and so couldn’t carry his backpack. He used PILBEO. They were excellent from start to finish 👍 and they cover the Santiago - Finisterre route. Hope this helps. Buen...
  13. Peadarmac

    Returning & Friendships

    I have long pondered the nature of friendships forged on the Camino and am leaning toward describing them as akin to short lived ‘ephemeral plants’. In gardening parlance,true to their name, spring flowering ephemerals are plants that the growth/flourish and bloom cycle lasts only a brief...
  14. Peadarmac

    Daily transportation from albergues to next albergues during Nov to Dec. Hola , Check out these guys, PILBEO. Walked with a buddy in September who was recovering from a back operation and so couldn’t carry his backpack. He used PILBEO. They were excellent from start to finish 👍 Buen Camino
  15. Peadarmac

    To Orisson or not to Orisson...

    May I say this is a perfect plan ! (In my humble opinion) Having walked this route twice, both times having arrived in St Jean on the noon train from Bayonne, both times I had to leave St Jean at 2.30pm in order to reach Orisson in time for the evening meal. Although technically an 8km walk it...
  16. Peadarmac

    Worried about some of the new 'recommended' route choices

    Many thanks for raising the Portomarin route Nidarosa . I took the 'left hand' route last year and had to negotiate that tricky descent you mention (photo attached) some of the 'steps' are 12-18 inches which rendered trekking poles useless. I was so relieved that it was a dry day as coming this...
  17. Peadarmac

    3 weeks to walk

    A perfect starting place would be Astorga. Approx 12 days walking from Astorga to Santiago followed by another 4 days to Finisterre and finish off with 2 lovely short days from Finisterre to Muxia (Finisterre to Lires 16kms then Lires to Muxia 15kms). Take the bus back from Muxia to Santiago and...
  18. Peadarmac

    Weight, and how its discussion is terrifying me.

    Hola Pilgrim, no need to fret about your backpack weight. Anything from 7kg to 11kg will not be a problem. The most important part is that your backpack is fitted correctly and ‘sits’ properly and snug against your back. I return to the Camino in September for the sixth time and in all my...
  19. Peadarmac

    Recommendation - Keeping Back Pack Dry

    Hello Pilgrim, A set of dry sacks/bags are your only man . Perfect for keeping all your items completely dry in your rucksack and brilliant for organising your gear......put shirt/trousers in yellow, socks/underwear in green , washing gear/chargers in red etc ..... when I get to the Albergue I...