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  1. KristinaMaria

    The Way - the film

    I can't wait to see this film :) I think like many other pilgrims I am constantly thinking of the long walk.... as far as jeans go I had brought a pair of shorts, leggings, and jeans with me to do the walk...and walked a large portion of time in my jeans in July-August.
  2. KristinaMaria

    Is the Camino fun to walk in July/August?

    I began my walk last year on the day of st. james and found that the first half was not as crowded as I would have expected reading everything on here....well then again I'm from nyc so it takes a lot of people for me to consider something crowded. I usually left with the early bunch from the...
  3. KristinaMaria

    Telephone calls from Spain to Home?

    I used Skype throughout most of the Camino in order to touch back home with my Mom and Grandparents. If your relatives have easy access to the Internet I would highly suggest this method. Along the Camino Frances there were many opportunities to use the Internet for free or for an hourly price...
  4. KristinaMaria

    Wooden Walking Sticks or Modern Trekking Poles

    i used modern walking poles, however if and when i do it again i'd like to get wooden sticks from the camino to use and leave along the way
  5. KristinaMaria

    2011 Gathering of Pilgrims - USA

    wow looks great...don't think i'll be able to make it...but wish i could!
  6. KristinaMaria

    LIVE from the Camino Up Up and Away

    Today I fly to France to begin El Camino in St. Jean Pied de Port...Not sure If i'll be online often but you can find my posts here: and
  7. KristinaMaria

    Santiago to Finisterre

    does any one know the schedule for buses to Santiago from Muxia?
  8. KristinaMaria

    Camino Frances in 29 days

    Thanks for the suggestions. I want to leave it as open as possible, but know I have to reach another destination by a certain date. At first I hadn't planned on walking to Finisterre...but now i MUST (or we'll see when i get there) Skilsaw you're speaking in kilometers right? Was it easy to...
  9. KristinaMaria

    Checking Backpack on Airplane

    hmm thanks for the recommendations...i have a few days to decide now, but your posts have made me reconsider the walking sticks as a whole. i'm doing more travelling afterwards and feel like they might become cumbersome to have to watch over all the time. i still have to figure out the best...
  10. KristinaMaria

    Checking Backpack on Airplane

    Hello all...I've never done this type of trip before and was wondering if one is supposed to put their bag in another bag or something like that when checking into the airport. I will also have pacer poles. Not sure how this packing works? Any feedback would help. Thanks!
  11. KristinaMaria

    Camping roll mat - to take or not to take

    are these really crucial? can't i just lay down to sleep in my sleep sack? lol
  12. KristinaMaria

    Camino Frances in 29 days

    I didn't want to put a limit to my walking, but it seems that I may have to. I begin my journey in SJPdP on July 24th and must be in Madrid by August 27th. I want to walk to Finisterre then Muxia afterwards which would be 33 days walking (ending August 24th with two days to spare if anything...
  13. KristinaMaria

    Camino Frances - Labyrinths are there any on the French Cami

    what a good request! i hope i'll be able to find one along my way
  14. KristinaMaria

    Renting a Cell Phone

    Would it be possible to buy a cellphone in the French airport and use it in Spain as well?
  15. KristinaMaria

    Art along the Camino

    thanks for all the suggestions...i really want to visit Bilbao...but i am on the Camino Frances :(
  16. KristinaMaria

    St. James Day in SJPdP

    Will there be anything going on in St. Jean Pied de Port for St. James day? I arrive the evening of July 24th. Also, when is this pilgrim's office there open?
  17. KristinaMaria

    Up to date Albergue / Hotel / Hostel list etc.

    thanks for the help will definitely check these out
  18. KristinaMaria

    Art along the Camino

    Not sure if this is the best place for this posting...I was wondering what types of artworks / galleries / etc. are along the camino or off the beaten path (excluding beautiful nature + towns of course). Or maybe which of the bigger towns might have art spaces / churches / that are worth...
  19. KristinaMaria

    Up to date Albergue / Hotel / Hostel list etc.

    Hi, I saw some older lists of locations, does any one have an up to date list of Albergues & Hostels etc. along the way. Thank you!
  20. KristinaMaria

    Santiago to Finisterre

    thank you for the help! i think i might take the bus...unless i am feeling super energetic lol