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    Alsa no longer doing Pamplona to Saint Jean?

    To my knowledge there has never been a bus between Pamplona and SJPP. Pilgrims usually take the bus from Pamplona to Roncesvalles and then taxi to SJPP. The bus from Pamplona is run by Autocars Artieda and it seems from their timetable that this bus is still running - though my Spanish is not...
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    Opinion for clothing to bring for May

    The weather can be variable in May, but I've walked twice in May/June and, from memory, here are the clothes I packed: 2 pairs quick drying hiking pants - so one on and one in mypack 2 quick dry shirts for walking 1 shirt for days off etc 3 sets underwear 2 lightweight camisole tops (should...
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    I'm traveling from Australia & wanting to know which city to fly into & then how to get to StJPdP.

    Hi Leandra, as you've seen there are a number of ways to do this trip, this is what I've done in the past: 1. Fly to Paris, stay a couple of nights to get over jetlag. Take the TGV (fast train) from Paris Gare Montparnasse to Bayonne, then local train from Bayonne to SJPP; Or, overnight train...
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    A plea ...

    The click, click, click of walking poles annoyed me on the Camino, so I feel for the local population. I used walking poles, but always with rubber stoppers on the metal ends. This worked well for me, and I can't understand why other pilgrims can't do the same thing. As for using the Camino...
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    Private rooms saved my Camino

    In addition to albergues, the Confraternity of St James "Guide to the Camino Frances" lists many hotels and casa rurales along with prices, number of rooms, and phone numbers so you can book ahead. It's a basic guide compared to the Brierley book, and much lighter to carry. But I've taken both...
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    Charity Collectors Scamming in Santiago?

    You're not be first to notice this problem, and the scam is rife in big cities all over Europe, particularly Paris where police occasionally round up all the collectors. These people are not collecting for charity, it is a scam and the bottom line is that it's stealing. The best thing to do is...
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    Ratings of "all" albergues

    Hi, could someone tell me where to find this albergue "ratings" list, I've not heard of it before. Thanks, Trudy
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    Train Crash near Santiago de Compostela

    This is such a terrible accident, Australian news is currently reporting 45 dead and many more badly injured. My prayers and thoughts go out to the injured, the families of those involved, and those helping with the rescue operations. Trudy
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    Could I get a pilgrim passport in Madrid before I start?

    You can also get a pilgrim credencial at the Madrid Cathedral Sacristy.
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    Woman Eaten By Vultures

    Ummm, have to say that sort of thing has crossed my mind. In 2006, walking towards Villamayor de Monjardin, I stopped for a break and just stood watching the birds high above me. After a few minutes of standing still, I realised they were circling me and getting closer and closer. What I took...
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    Travel from USA passport question

    Just take your passport. As a foreigner your drivers licence will not always be accepted as ID. In addition, it's actually a legal requirement to keep your passport on you at all times. EU citizens, with the exception of the UK, have ID cards which they can be asked to show at any time. The...
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    Withdrawing money on the Camino, 2013

    It's my understanding that credit cards should only be used for large payments, but never used to get cash as daily interest is charged as soon as cash is withdrawn. The best way to get cash on the Camino is to use a Visa or Mastercard debit card, linked to a savings account, to withdraw cash...
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    New Camino Patches and Pins

    I'm quite happy with the Camino Forum badge that's available on this website. Trudy
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    Full Moon Walk 2013

    That would be a fantastic walk, unfortunately something I dare not consider due to very poor night vision - even with a full moon. But please remember, if you use walking poles, to keep rubber stoppers on the tips so you don't disturb the locals who are trying to sleep. Trudy
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    Free Kindle book "Santiago Tales"

    Thanks for this, Sil. Have just downloaded the book and am looking forward to reading it. Should be an interesting perspective compared to the usual pilgrim memoir. Trudy
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    Photos and blog from Toulouse to Pamplona

    Beautiful photos Annie. While I haven't walked from Toulouse I've visited the city three or four times and love the San Sernin Basilica. Would be very interested in your description of the road out of Lourdes. I had planned to walk that way in 2007, then realised I'd seriously underestimated...
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    Elephant in the room (forum)

    I'm not sure that I understand your question. I suspect tht most people walking the Camino are there on pilgrimage. They might be practising Catholics, or Christians of other denominations. They might not practice any faith at all, but still find a spiritual connection with the Camino and see...
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    Whose is the Pink Marble Tomb?

    Thanks for solving that Tracy. Odd that only the other day I was going through my photo albums, found one of the tomb, and wondered when someone would work out what it was! Cheers ... Trudy
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    Strange issues with my Merrells, anyone else encounter this?

    Unfortunately, I'm one of those people who actually got blisters by using vaseline, so I'm really not in a position to recommend it, but many people swear by it. The advice I've been given in the past, and which I've stuck with, is to get shoes that are half a size larger than normal, because...
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    Strange issues with my Merrells, anyone else encounter this?

    I think you've answered your own question - the laces were far too tight. Try walking a couple of kms with looser laces and see how the feet feel. As the pain is in the ankle area, undo the laces and tie the knot at the next set of holes, that might do the trick. We all have different feet...