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    Camino Ignaciano Facebook Group

    If anyone is interested, there is a new Facebook Group for friends, fans, veterans, future pilgrims, etc. of the Camino Ignaciano. Don't be concerned by the American name, all are welcomed. FYI, I have no ownership or role in the group, other than being a member. It is called Friends of the...
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    Graffiti - what to do?

    .... because there would be a special place reserved in hell (and / or in jail) for the hoodlum who is spray-painting this graffiti all over signs, walls, Camino directional markers, etc. on the otherwise stunningly beautiful Camino Primitivo.
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    LIVE from the Camino Currently having paella in Zarautz

    I reckon there are about 20 pilgrims in Zarautz, not exactly taking over the town but we are managing to be a crowd. All is good so far. I do have my blog up, if anyone is interested ( It's...
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    Camino Del Norte Distances

    MichaelSG submitted a new resource: Camino del Norte distances - distances between towns with accomodations Read more about this resource...
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    Accomodation List Camino Del Norte - Irun To Oviedo (apr 2017)

    MichaelSG submitted a new resource: Accomodation list Camino del Norte - Irun to Oviedo (Apr 2017) - Full list from Gronze site but with limited information. Read more about this resource...
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    Walking the whole Norte or combine with the Primitivo?

    We've had a change in plans. We were going to walk the Via Domitia this year from Vercelli to Arles but for a variety of reasons, we decided to walk the Camino del Norte instead. The plan is to start in Irun in mid-April, just after Easter. While doing research on that Camino, I started...
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    Repairing / renewing the Altus Raincoat

    I loved my old Altus Atmospheric Light raincoat. It has been well used during four long caminos and numerous shorter walks but, like everything else man-made trying to survive in Singapore’s climate, I never expected it to last long. On its 4th birthday last month, I took it out and found that...
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    Live and alive on the Via Francigena

    I was not sure I was going to write a live blog while walking the VF from Vercelli. I actually did start a blog for the first couple of days but I didn't tell anyone. I wasn't sure I would keep it up and Internet access seems to be hard to come by. After today's walk though, I just had to...
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    Caminante, no hay Camino

    Simplesmente linda. Simplemente hermoso. Simplement beau. Semplicemente bellissimo. Einfach schön. Simply beautiful. Obrigado, Iole.
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    Live from the Camino Ignaciano

    Preparation (or lack thereof) - Day 1 - It's only been one day of walking but it's all good so far.
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    Camino Ignaciano

    It didn't look like I'd be walking another Camino until 2016 because of family weddings this year during which were scheduled during my normal "walking season" but last week I saw JonnieWalkers' signature with a link to the Camino Ignaciano website ( Hmmmmm...
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    Pilgrims' Mass - "Pilgrims arrived from these locations"

    Before the pilgrims mass, they usually announce a long list of pilgrim arrivals, stating the nationalities and starting location. How does that list get generated or how do you get on the list? I would have thought it was from statistics collected from the Pilgrims Office but for the second...
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    On the Caminho Portugues now (Sept., 2014) Yes, you can get credencials at the Lisbon Cathedral. You can also get heatstroke on this Caminho, even in September - at least this year.
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    21 June is Fete de la Musique in France

    Just in case you are starting your walk in France in the next few days, note that Saturday 21 June is Fete de la Musique, France's national music day. It's been described as a bit like St Patrick's Day but without the parade, the rain or the streetside vomiting. Apparently all over the country...