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  1. coober

    LIVE from the Camino Not well in Santiago

    I thought the first place everybody would have mentioned was the place next to the Archway, own room and en-suite 20 euros for as long as you want brilliant people who run it Can you post the name of this place? thanks David
  2. coober

    Anyone seen this yet?(mainly Oz)

    MY local library "Brighton SA"has it, Just requested a copy to be held for me.
  3. coober

    Getting Old.

    It beats the alternative.
  4. coober


  5. coober

    Starting from Irun 4th September

    I'll be starting from Irun sometime around the 26th this month, so I will be a few days ahead of you. Might meet up somewhere along the way. cheers David
  6. coober

    Credentials and guide book, starting in bilbao

    thanks for the help. cheers David
  7. coober

    Credentials and guide book, starting in bilbao

    could some kind soul please post a link to "Daves" downloadable guide. many thanks David
  8. coober

    From pilgrim to hospitalera in one day (Reposo del Andayón)

    @Luka, here ya go. Ingredients for Watermelon Gazpacho (4 glasses): 600 grams of tomato branch 500 grams of watermelon (with skin and removed) 35 grams of onion 40 grams of green pepper 1 small clove garlic 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 to 3 tablespoons white wine vinegar (to taste) 2/3 of a small...
  9. coober

    Accomodation near Chamartin station

    thanks everybody for the help.
  10. coober

    Accomodation near Chamartin station

    Hello all, I'm looking for recommendations for a budget Hotel/Hostel near Chamartin station. thanks David
  11. coober

    Camino del Norte in three weeks

    Just wondering when does the peak time end.
  12. coober

    Emergency Contact lock screen for phone

    I have the same except for the red background, think I might change mine to a red, thanks for the idea.
  13. coober

    wifi along the del Surest

    thanks Mike.
  14. coober

    wifi along the del Surest

    can anybody tell me what the wifi coverage is along the camino del Surest thanks David
  15. coober

    Albergue de Siete Iglesias de Trabancos: some statistics

    Probably not the thread to ask this, so if necessary mods please move it to were it should be. I was wondering how it came about that two Camino's run so close together. The Levante and the del Sureste, also if anybody could tell me if there is somewhere I can find the history of theses...
  16. coober

    LIVE from the Camino On the Levante for summer

    Buen camino Grace.
  17. coober

    best way to organise photographs

    thats not very helpful
  18. coober

    Is There A Map With Both Levante And Sureste

    DK, could you please post the link. ta David
  19. coober

    Hiking towels [ Australia ]

    Thanks for the heads up.
  20. coober

    Clacking Poles

    It is difficult to put an exact measure on the life of a tip, there are so many things to take into account. On soft ground the milage is greater than on black stuff, and the weight put on the tip must differ person to person. But on the La Plata a set lasted 700k then I found I had lost my...