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  1. Pathfinder075

    Things to do in Sarria

    If you are reasonably fit, the last 100km on the CF are not hard. The hardest part is the first day, going up that hill in the trees on the other side of the railway tracks. Which reminds me, when you leave Sarria in the morning, if it's dark, be aware of the railway line you have to cross...
  2. Pathfinder075

    Things to do in Sarria

    If you are heading out to Finisterre, the church/chapel by the sea at Muxia is worth a look. It's where I went after my first year walking and just sat for about an hour thinking over my journey...
  3. Pathfinder075


    If you are fit and healthy and have no need to carry lots of medication or a CPAP machine, etc. Then a 40 should be more than adequate.
  4. Pathfinder075

    Things to do in Sarria

    I wouldn't, but that's just me. There wasn't a great deal to do when I went through. You could maybe consider grabbing a bus up to Lugo and having a look around up there. That is worth a look and plenty of good things to see. Also, If you have time on the day you head to Palas de Rei, check...
  5. Pathfinder075

    How many days are needed for the Camino Frances ?

    Use Gronze and build you own stages based on your own fitness level. I walk 15-25 miles per day on camino, and am in my late 40s. My fitness level is average. If you want to walk 15-20 miles a day you need to stay on top of the condition of your feet. You need poles, maybe knee supports if...
  6. Pathfinder075

    can ponchos be re-waterproofed?

    Nikwax TX Direct spray is what you want. If not you can use a can of waterproofing spray on the garment to add a layer of water resistance, same stuff you use on modern tents to reproof them. I admittedly use both. TX Direct, then after it dries, I spray it with the spray can stuff. Works...
  7. Pathfinder075

    Buying an albergue

    I have walked twice and some albergues were worth more money, some most definitely not. Some were privately owned some were owned by companies, some by the local councils. The ones owned by companies were generally expensive for what you got, privately owned and municipals were mostly ok. At...
  8. Pathfinder075

    Best place to get a first stamp in Santander

    As I remember you have to go to a door outside to get the stamp at the cathedral in Santander. Almost like the staff entrance, maybe the door to the presbytery. The first year I walked I asked and that's where I had to go. The downstairs chapel is worth a look if you have a spare half an hour...
  9. Pathfinder075

    Few albergues on the Olvidado

    I think anytime you are walking off the mainstream routes, this should be standard behaviour. On Frances, Norte, VdlP, etc, tents are for people who need tents (for whatever reason). On anything else, especially the routes that are not often walked, you should carry one. Many routes have...
  10. Pathfinder075

    How hot is "hot"?

    If you live in a hot country, it shouldn't be too bad. If you live in a cool country (and can walk off peak), September-November is a good time to walk. I like to walk in the late summer/early autumn. Daytime temps are warm, but night temps are cool. The best of both worlds. If I can get a...
  11. Pathfinder075

    Buying an albergue

    The people side of it depends. I find if you are helpful, maybe introduce yourself to your neighbours, be friendly, etc. That goes a long way. Try to learn and use the language and fit in, even if it's just a few words initially it will go a long way and people will generally help you. You...
  12. Pathfinder075

    Camino 2023 - Baztan and beyond

    I looked at your planning thread and Caminka and Sheffield James threads. I need to go back through them and make some notes. This will be something really new for me and about as far outside of my comfort zone as is possible. I have never been to Pamplona or Bayonne for that matter. Then...
  13. Pathfinder075

    Buying an albergue

    There is always stuff around Lugo, occassionally on the Primitivo route or pretty near to it. Same with the Norte. I saw a couple on Rightmove a month back. If you are looking to do this as a business, I would say don't bother. With what you will make, it's unlikely to be worth it. If on the...
  14. Pathfinder075

    Camino 2023 - Baztan and beyond

    Ahh so more like the old municipal albergue at Ourense, that was on top of the hill above the town. As I understand it, it's now moved down into the town. It was almost part of a museum when I last stayed there. I'll have to think about it now. ;) I intend to stop at the Sobrado Monastery...
  15. Pathfinder075

    Camino 2023 - Baztan and beyond

    @NualaOC , Thanks. Staying in Bayonne on the first night isn't a requirement. My intention would be to find a campsite or pension in/near Bilbao for the first night, then get the bus/coach as early as possible the next morning, ideally 6-7am if possible, which would put me in Bayonne, 3-4...
  16. Pathfinder075

    Health Insurance for travel outside the US

    It also isn't usable in a few countries in Europe. Some seem to be tax havens or special cases.
  17. Pathfinder075

    LIVE from the Camino Limping on the Invierno!

    I also like that albergue at Bandeira. It was clean, quiet and the hospitalera was friendly (when I visited). The blue and white colours are kind of funky though, but not unpleasant. I will be back there next year to finish up my failed (last 100km from Ourense) VdlP walk from 2017. I didn't...
  18. Pathfinder075

    Health Insurance for travel outside the US

    Insurance costs so little in the grand scheme of things, but if you don't have it and need it, it is never good. If you are in the UK, the GHIC is worth getting if you are going into Europe, as well, as we have reciprocal health arrangements with most countries in the EU. It's free from the...
  19. Pathfinder075

    Do and Don'ts on the Airplane

    TBH, you get the option of taking the slow, calm boat to Bilbao or Santander. Why would you subject yourself to an enclosed environment with many diseased people trying to give you colds, flu and possibly worse, just before a long distance trek. ;) I often feel sorry for people who have to...
  20. Pathfinder075

    Bad water

    Norovirus is apparently quite rampant this year along with a raft of other stomach distress, causing viruses and bacteria. I really don't think it would be the water. But it could be. These things generally are monitored and the water companies will randomly take water samples and analyse...
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