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  1. SoyGalego


    Hi, I've been using the airlines webpage to gather information on PCR testing. I've found it pretty useful, so maybe check with your own airline and see what information they have available to you on their website. I'm flying with Vueling and their page is pretty good, they're offering a...
  2. SoyGalego

    Bus from Santiago to Fisterra or any other options?

    Personally, I'd take the bus from Santiago to Finisterre, purely because you'll see more of the country travelling that way, albeit most of it will be motorway. However, you'll see more once it begins going through the towns/villages. If you're boarding at Santiago you'll get the bus ticket at...
  3. SoyGalego

    level of difficulty of Primitivo vs Ingles Camino routes

    Hi, I've done both and I found the Ingles quite easy in comparison to the Primitivo. The Primitivo has all the different types of terrain and various elevations. I did mine in winter, February/March, and I'll always remember the hospitals route. It's a 990m plus elevation and very open...
  4. SoyGalego

    Sleeping bag

    I've done a couple of Camino's now during the winter (Feb and early Mar) and I use a Jungle sleeping bag. It's a 2 season bag rated between +7 and +2 but with a liner, if needed, gives it an added season. I find this plenty warm, even when I stayed a night in a stone built Albergue without...
  5. SoyGalego

    Municipal Albergue blankets

    I use a jungle sleeping bag which has a warm rating of about +4 but if it gets a bit chiller I use a liner and it becomes nice and toastie. I've walked a few Camino's now and I always do them in the winter. I don't take anything warmer with me. If I was forced to sleep outside I also take a...
  6. SoyGalego

    Camino Ingles in 3 Days

    Yep, apart from my mate who I stayed with at the albergues in Betanzos and Bruma the rest I was on my own. However, the Pontedume albergues was difficult to get into, as I had to wait, but luckily the workers next door had a key to let me in, it isn't worth the stay there though. Depends if...
  7. SoyGalego


    This is what works for me and I very rarely get a blister. The idea is to prevent friction. My own method is to use a very thin liner sock, now that I've got a bit to spend I use silk ones, before it was a cotton mix. The company I use today is Silkbody from New Zealand. I'm sure there are...
  8. SoyGalego

    Camino Ingles in 3 Days

    No, it was cold early morning ranging between -1 and 1 to 2 degrees I'd say, but no snow. I'd say on the Ingles that's unlikely, not unheard of though. You'll most likely get snow in Galicia if your in or around Ourense. When I did mind this year I never used a jacket until the last day when...
  9. SoyGalego

    Trekking poles

    Another vote for poles here! I'm an ex para with 12 screws in the right hip and only 50% of movement in my right foot. To use any aid isn't in my nature, but when I started using the poles they made it easier. My first Camino was in 2017 in Feb on the Norte, I was carrying too much weight (17...
  10. SoyGalego

    Old guide or new?

    I did the CI this year in February (18) and enjoyed it. I didn't use the Buen Camino app as it wasn't released then. However, I do use this app as a reference on most routes and recommend it. I followed the new route and stopped at the only bar when you join the main road and come off again...
  11. SoyGalego

    Camino Ingles in 3 Days

    Hi, I completed the Ingles in February 18 in a comfortable 4 days. I had planned to do it over 5 days but due to a Champion snorer from Italy in the albergue's I decided to push on from Bruma to Santiago. I've read someone who completed it in 2 days but for me that's bonkers. I enjoy the...
  12. SoyGalego

    Walking Poles or not?

    Phil, take them you'll not regret it. I didn't use them on the start of the Ingles but after a while on the first stage I got them out. They give me a rhythm and help me to focus on that rhythm apart from working out the body's top half. They're also useful to fend off any unwanted animals...
  13. SoyGalego

    Finisterre or Muxia first?

    I've done it both ways and I think there are pros and cons for both. I personally enjoyed the scenery better walking to Muxia first and then to Finisterre and would recommend doing it that way around. However, you miss the town of Cee doing it that way and that's quite a nice town as well...
  14. SoyGalego

    Walking Poles or not?

    I've done a couple of Caminos now and I'll always take my hiking poles with me on any future ones. I'm a big fan of them. It's all been covered their advantages and I had read before using them that they save you 10% of energy. On my first Camino they were a God send and saved me a couple of...
  15. SoyGalego

    Muxiana compostela

    I meet a chap on the Primitivo who had done so many Camino's he now didn't bother collecting the Credential. He still walks the Camino at least once a year but just didn't bother with it anymore. How many people do that especially those who have walked a number of times and it never gets...
  16. SoyGalego

    Muxiana compostela

    The Cathedral will tell you that the Camino has nothing to do with the extended walk from Santiago to Finisterra or Muxia. Therefore the rules about receiving the Compostela are not necessarily applied to receiving the Finisterran or the Muxianna. However, they tend to use the same rules as a...
  17. SoyGalego

    Muxiana compostela

    Yes good idea. A cardboard tube can be purchased from the pilgrims office for a couple of euros and you can also buy them from the various shops around the Cathedral. As I carried my tube outside of my rucksack I also took with me a plastic zip freezer bag to project it from the rain etc.
  18. SoyGalego

    Walking from Irun

    Hi, I walk it in Feb 17 and as far as I remember the first few days are mostly off road. The northern route does have quite a bit of road waking and I'll never forget the long straight road walk between Zamudio to Bilbao. You pass Athlectic Bilbao's football grounds by the way, just in case you...

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