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    I would not recommend jumping into and average of 13 mile days (on average) with some areas of steep/prolonged ascents and descents, without building up to at least 10 mile walks before you go. Baseline you're inviting overuse injuries (shin splints, plantar fasciiti,etc). Add in a knee that...
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    Walking in warm weather when not used to it.

    I am the opposite of you. I've walked 3 Caminos with high temps in the upper 20's and the 30's. I start April 30th and see that the lows (in the early mornings when I start) will be 9c, which is cold for me. The afternoons look like they will be up to 24c--a bit hot, but I usually finish by 2...
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    ? compeed type blister patches in Spanish pharmacies along the Camino Frances

    I agree. I would only use them, if at all, on an early red spot type blister. On my first camino, there was a lady who used them on both of her feet. The only way she could get them off was to tear off the skin. She had to seek medical care and could not walk for 2 weeks!!!
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    Medical emergencies on the trail

    I never used medical insurance until I got older. I researched it about eight years ago and for me, evacuations, if needed, what is the most important. At that time I felt that Travel Guard was the best. My sister recently had an accident, including surgery and hospital. stay in Germany. She has...
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    Training, heavy rain for 2 weeks

    Try mall walking, esp in the morning. Usually they open about 30 Mm b4 stores open. I heard it is fun, you start seeing the same people, and you can sit down for coffee afterward.
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    6 weeks to go - Plantar fasciitis and achilles tendinitis

    There are a generally recognized number of cortisone shots (and dose per shot) that can be safely given for various areas of the body. Each specialist in each area of the body should be able to advise you.
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    Chiggers galore, itching away..

    Ditto for use of fingernail polish, for chiggers. Any color will do. I have not hear of Eason salt baths but would like to try it (of course bathtubs limited to more expensive accommodation).
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    Your Ideal First Aid Kit for the Camino

    I tend to have a lot of problems with blisters so I bring: **moleskin to protect hot spots (don’t use on blisters) and white 1/2 in medical tape to secure it in place (esp on toes). Small but decent metal scissors to cut the moleskin. **if i develop blisters, I have corn pads that make a...
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    Sick in Pamplona

    After exposure to covid, test turn positive between 3-7 days, but 5 is ysually the magic number. If your at home tests are meg on day 5, but you still have a lot of symptom, consider getting a PCR test (you can go online, to pharmacies, or ask locals where PCR testing can be done). Internal...
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    Camino after weight loss surgery

    I’ve seen some good advice so will most just add to previous advice. It would be best to avoid the hottest months for many reasons. One reason is that some people leave before or just after the sun can med up to try to finish by about 1 pm, Breakfadt is not really served before 7 so I always...

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