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    Physical maps of route

    Hi MattO We will be walking from Ribadeo on Monday and we ask our local Libraries to order the new book out on the Northern route and photo coped the sections we wanted You never know we might see you . God Bless Doug
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    Walking from Ribadeo

    Hi Mike Thanks for the help we are doing our last training walk tomorrow with a tram ride from Seaton to m Colyford in Devon then walking a 6 1/2 mile route ending along the cost through Beer where there is a nice pub. God Bless Doug
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    Walking from Ribadeo

    Hi all just wonder if the route is busy at the moment as starting out on the 19th of August
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    Miraz Albergue. 4pm opening

    We are starting to walk from Ribadeo om Monday from what you are saying the route is busy? I am in a qundry as do not want to spend time waiting for a refuge to open but we will see how it goes
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    walking with my 13 year old grandaughter

    Thanks Mikevasey and tia Valeria I have been visiting our son in OZ in the outback were little no internet . I have use the CSJ book when I walked the french way and found it very helpful and light and if there is a updated one coming out rather that the outdated 2004 one that would be great ...
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    walking with my 13 year old grandaughter

    Hi all I have walk the Camino in 2004 with my son ,walking 240 miles ,his daughter is doing it with me from Ribadeo on the 18th August 2013 ,we are flying into Asturias from uk and staying in Oviedo the first night then catching the feve train to Ribadeo in the morning just wondered if those...

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