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  1. yogaflowjo

    Porto to Santiago

    Caminofacil... they are brilliant, my friend and I used them several times over last couple of Camino Portuguese and will do so again this year. Contact them and they will give you a quote, you can organise the time and place months ahead, and they are incredibly reliable. Highly recommend!
  2. yogaflowjo

    Luggage transfer

    Another vote for Caminofacil - used them twice on Portuguese including Spiritual Variante... they are so efficient and totally reliable.
  3. yogaflowjo

    Frivolous debate - swimsuit vs 3rd set of undergarments

    Definitely take the swimsuit - you will be far more comfortable when staying at your lovely hotels - and I would take one trouser and one shorts (you can hike in shorts whether its hot or not).. if you find you need a second pair its easier to buy a pair of trousers on the camino than a swimsuit!
  4. yogaflowjo

    Finally a camino tattoo

    Wow - have you seen how many tattoos are out there these day - will be a lot of unhealthy people going forward - by the way my dad got tattoos age 16 - He is 88 and still going strong. Don’t think OP needs to worry too much 😂
  5. yogaflowjo

    Bus 6A to Santiago airport

    No problem .. all drivers understand “airport”. The cost is 1-2 euro.. make sure you have coins to keep the driver happy. Bus 6A - If you can’t find the bus stop - the friendly locals will point you in the right direction. It’s easy peasy!
  6. yogaflowjo

    Bus 6A to Santiago airport

    Definitely cash only. It’s a local bus and the fare is only 2 euros. I caught it just last week 😂 it’s a great service, think it runs every 30 minutes.
  7. yogaflowjo

    Advice on phone carriers and banking options for Australians on the VdlP

    Sounds good. Are you able to advise which banks they are for future caminos. I cringe when I check my bank statements at the charges I have paid over 6 caminos so far 🫣
  8. yogaflowjo

    Advice on phone carriers and banking options for Australians on the VdlP

    Hi just back from latest Camino. I used Latitude Mastercard (no foreign exchange charges). Backup Amex which I rarely used. Also loaded some euros onto Commonwealth bank travel card. (Good idea to store a spare (locked) card somewhere safe in case of loss). If you use preloaded travelcards...
  9. yogaflowjo

    It will be warm. Stay safe pilgrims!

    Can you tell me where you access this map please. Heading off in 4 weeks and keen to keep track of local weather with accurate details 🙏🏻
  10. yogaflowjo

    Taxi from Tui to Pontevedra on a Sunday

    thanks again .. so helpful
  11. yogaflowjo

    Taxi from Tui to Pontevedra on a Sunday

    thanks henrythedog!! any idea how to prebook? thanks again
  12. yogaflowjo

    Taxi from Tui to Pontevedra on a Sunday

    Hello, does anyone know the likelihood of getting a taxi (or a driver) from Tui to Pontevedra on a Sunday. The public transport options would not work for us. Thanks again
  13. yogaflowjo

    Please help with Correos link

    Thanks so much Maria
  14. yogaflowjo

    Please help with Correos link

    Hello, my friend and I are organising baggage transfer for our last day through Correos. The process went through seamlessly, payment etc, however since then they keep sending me an email in Spanish... google translate has helped me decipher that they want me to confirm the reservation, and ask...
  15. yogaflowjo

    September Porto to Santiago central route

    Hey Astrid... fancy seeing you here?? Denise and I are returning next year to walk porto to Valenca and then spiritual Variante. What did you guys end up doing in relation to walking out of Porto... hope you are all well, jo xo
  16. yogaflowjo

    6 day Camino taster

    Just completed Central Portuguese (Tui - Santiago) with a friend. Ticks most of your boxes.. the towns of Tui, Pontavedra and of course Santiago are just stunning (and hey, a Paradore hotel in each!!)... we stayed in a variety of accommodation from albergues to Paradores, the route was not...
  17. yogaflowjo

    Padron to Santiago … blister woes

    hello (and thank you) to all those who posted here (I didn't think I had any responses at the time, and have just found you all tonight as I reminisce having just arrived back in Australia). My friend with the blisters wrapped her toes with compeed, plugged into her mental strength and...
  18. yogaflowjo

    Padron to Santiago … blister woes

    Wondering if anyone can suggest a way to shorten our walk from padron to Santiago tomorrow. Blister woes and 32o heat mean 25k is a step too far …. Time restraints mean we can’t extend an extra day …. Help?? What can we cut out (bus/taxi) on the last leg into Santiago ? Thanks in advance.
  19. yogaflowjo

    Sunshine Coast Camino Group - Quarterly Meeting - 15th March, 2020

    missed the June meeting.. when is the next one ??

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