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  1. Kevin Considine

    Does anyone know of any shorter pilgrimage routes around the world?

    I am a pilgrimage junkie and would suggest some alternatives; The attached link summarizes 17 different Caminos in Spain and Portugal besides Frances and 37 other pilgrimages around the world. Recommended; -Camino Invierno 12 days -Camino Ingles/Irish continuing on to Muxia 9 days -Way of St...
  2. Kevin Considine

    Guides in Nepal

    After 8 trips and many treks in Nepal I wrote a post that may be of help in selecting a trek: Which Nepal Trek Is Best For You. The following treks are summarized: -Everest Base Camp -Annapurna Circuit -Annapurna Base Camp -Upper Mustang -Gokyo Lake -The 3 Passes -Manaslu and Tsum Valley...
  3. Kevin Considine

    Guides in Nepal

    I’ve been to Nepal 8 times and done most of the main treks and have a friend who owns a Trekking Company in Kathmandu. He says they still haven’t implemented the mandatory guide requirement so walking the popular routes of Everest Base Camp, 3 Passes, Annapurna Circuit, Annapurna Base Camp...
  4. Kevin Considine

    Ideas please on where to start further back in France, before SJPP

    Saint Palais where the Camino Tours, Vezelay, and Podiensis meet up is a good option but hard to beat magical Lourdes and it’s nightly candle procession. Though you will be 6 days from SJPP. Also you have the option of picking up the Camino Aragones route into Spain which is a beautiful Camino...
  5. Kevin Considine

    Camino Vasco

    I walked it and the closest I got to another pilgrim was 3 days behind A German in the Registry Book at the Albergue in Haro. If you like wine I recommend taking the route to Santo Domingo as you go through Haro and pass some great wineries.
  6. Kevin Considine

    Which Camino To Walk Next? Summary of 17 Caminos and 37 Other Global Pilgrimages.

    if you are wondering which Camino to walk next this resource could be of help. Which Camino or Pilgrimage to walk?
  7. Kevin Considine

    Weather in November/December

    I walked last November 22 to December 10 on Frances. The weather was mild. Even the last few days in Galicia were pleasant. I wore thin gloves and a rain jacket in morning but often shed those. O Cebreiro was cold and icy but not a problem. Of course one should be prepared for anykind of weather...
  8. Kevin Considine

    Hiking stick instead of walking poles

    I have walked 10 or more pilgrimages since 2018 and I always start my pilgrimage without a stick and trust in the pilgrim spirits to connect me with a good natural walking stick. I feel it allows for a better connection to nature.
  9. Kevin Considine

    Seeking Information on the trail to O Cebreiro in Winter

    I walked up to O Cebreiro on December 3 last year and it was sunny and pleasant and I wore just a tshirt and an open lomg sleeve shirt. Though it got cold at night. If there’s snow on the path easy enough to take the road nearby.
  10. Kevin Considine

    GR221 (Ruta De Pedra En Sec / The Dry Stone Route) - Mallorca

    One of my favorite Caminos. It’s a spectacular beautiful coastal walk and perfect if you like a more rugged walk than the typical Camino. Also there is a Camino de Santiago starting in Lluc at the Monastery. I think your best off sticking to the GR221 though it stops at the Monastery. There are...
  11. Kevin Considine

    Francés vs Via de la Plata vs Camino de madrid

    I have walked all three. Walking in April May and having 2 months would suggest the VDLP as a good option for you as it is 1,000 km. It it much less crowded than Frances. A more intimate Camino, Requiring 6 weeks or so leaving you time for Finisterre. Madrid is even more solitary and only about...
  12. Kevin Considine

    Looking for a *good* online map/image that shows *all* the camino routes in Spain

    I’ve been using an online gos map from a Dutch group for several years that overlays onto map apps such as Maps.me and can be used offline I have used it on many Caminos including all the majors and lesser walked routes such as del Vasco, de Madrid, Aragones, Spiritual Variant, Invierno...
  13. Kevin Considine

    How to travel from Muxia to A Coruna in July?

    No you don’t have to go back to SdeC. Arriva has 2 buses daily to La Coruña. I have taken the 6:00 or 6:30 bus I think it is. Pretty sure 6:30. It’s not listed because you change buses. You can buy a ticket on the bus. There is also a late afternoon bus.
  14. Kevin Considine

    The most beautiful spot of the world?

    I walked the Camino de Faros last year. The 200K, 7 day walk is from Malpica along the Costa del Morte and goes through Muxia and Lires ending in Finisterre. The whole walk is spectacularly beautiful. I walked the Muxia to Lires and Lires to Finisterre sections in early May when many flowers...
  15. Kevin Considine

    Jesus and Abraham Trails in Israel

    The Abraham Trail goes through Masada I believe.
  16. Kevin Considine

    Jesus and Abraham Trails in Israel

    Yes. We were hoping to do that as part of Abraham Trail goes through Palestinian Territory
  17. Kevin Considine

    Jesus and Abraham Trails in Israel

    We were in Egypt in March 2020 when the land border crossing was closed due to Covid. Finally getting there in March. Planning to walk the 75K Jesus Trail in its entirety as well as a few days on Abraham Trail around Jericho and Masada. Wondering if anybody can offer insights or suggestions...
  18. Kevin Considine

    Relocate to Spain after 65

  19. Kevin Considine

    Relocate to Spain after 65

    Yes. Relatively easy for me. But my partner is Japanese. It’s been an ongoing struggle for her.
  20. Kevin Considine

    Relocate to Spain after 65

    You are right. It is a struggle. I have EU citizenship but my partner is Japanese and it is a very arduous process as you suggest.

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