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  1. jprogers

    LIVE from the Camino A and B on the Via de Bayona

    Buen camino.!! Enjoying your travel journey hope the weather gets better!!
  2. jprogers

    Transport Paris to Somport/Camino Aragones

    If going to CDG the SNCF website/ app can be very useful for planning and will give some timetables Montparnasse to Pau.
  3. jprogers

    2023 planning to walk the Olvidado

    Hotel Nisi answered a phone call on the day before we arrived...and they must have understood my bad spanish...cos we were expected
  4. jprogers

    From Paris to SJPD

    The SNCF connect app is very useful to have for options of train travel in france. You can search for some options with start and end points. I am travelling in July straight from CDG to Bordeaux.
  5. jprogers

    Zaragoza: mind blown!!!

    I agree. Zaragoza is amazing. I spent a week there last october after the camino olvidado and it was during fiesta del pilar. Fantastic celebrations. Also wonderful mudejar architecture.
  6. jprogers

    Camino Olvidado from Bilbao - Summer 2022

    I have just walked the Olvidado with friend Janet and to get the certificate in Villafranca it is at the tourist bureau ..but note ....the bureau is currently open10 to 12 in the morning only. That was on October 3 and we arrived after midday. I agree GPS essential..on our smartphones. We used...
  7. jprogers

    LIVE from the Camino Easter Vasco: Irún to Haro

    Enjoying these posts and again remembering my walk ..lovely walk
  8. jprogers

    Shifting from Garmin GPS to phone — step 1

    I am interested in this thread. I have an analogue phone and two years ago walk part of the via romea germanica in Italy and I had downloaded maps.me plus the maps they provided on their website. I must admit I really have no idea what i was doing but it seemed to work. I certainly noted when...
  9. jprogers

    On the Camino, on this date in May...

    I had to reply as the date registered in my mind. First camino 10 May 2005 ..2nd day of walking from Roncesvalle to Zubiri..we had breakfast at Burgete first taste of tortilla. I don't have digital photos. However we looked very happy in all photos.
  10. jprogers

    Options for 6 more days after Irun to Bilbao

    Yes continue on from Bilbao. My favourite part was from Bilbao to Santander. Castro urdiales a favourite town...and then amazing views before Laredo.
  11. jprogers

    What do you do when you cannot walk anymore?

    This is so great this thread and all the comments are thought provoking and i am agreeing with alot of the comments ! Luckily I have 10 days for Spain in September and hopefully a short camino. I do love Spain so much..if I am not walking I can always train or bus. Meanwhile i can walk locally.
  12. jprogers

    In two days I have to decide whether to continue on the Norte or go to the primitive all suggestions?

    We stayed on the Norte and used alburges almost all the time on that section. But is was 10 years ago and there was good amount of accomodation. It has smaller towns.
  13. jprogers

    Nakasendo Way, Tokyo - Kyoto, Japan

    Here is a link https://www.nakasendoway.com/the-journey/
  14. jprogers

    Nakasendo Way, Tokyo - Kyoto, Japan

    In March this year I walked 2 short days on the Nakasendo way. My resources were from a friend plus looking at various guided site itineraries. I haad spent a week mainly in Kyoto but I had a couple of days to fill in before heading to Tokyo. I caught a train to Nagoya and then to nakatsugawa...
  15. jprogers

    Ourense to Santiago - Walking notes.

    Hi I caught the train from Santiago to Ourense. Nice place. Well marked walk back.
  16. jprogers

    Life begins (again) at 65

    Bueno camino Anna have a great walk
  17. jprogers

    Top tip for using RENFE trains in Spain

    Funny story about Segovia ....showing that research beforehand is a good idea...or to have better Spanish. Having walked from Irun to Santo Domingo de calzada, we then caught a train from Miranda de Ebro (after a haro visit) to Madrid and from there we were going to Segovia. Well the train...
  18. jprogers

    New Pilgrim, looking for post-Camino ideas

    We had exactly the same idea after our first camino ...what to do with a week! I wish we had planned where to go as we had post camino dithers for a few days. In the end we made a snap decision to fly to Seville then on to Granada for the alhambra and then up to Barcelona where our flight was...
  19. jprogers

    As you plan caminos, don't forget this one!

    Thank you for posting about this walk. In late sep 2018 I will have 10 days to spend in Spain and I was thinking of either doing a short Camino or spending some time in Zaragoza. Now I can plan to combine both.
  20. jprogers

    Walking from Vitoria south

    Great walk I would love to do this part again..well marked. Between Salinillas de Buradon and Haro is a hill mentioned in some guides and the gradient up is OK. The view from the top is wonderful. We stayed at a place in Brinas .which is just before Haro...in an octagon shaped multistory...

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