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  1. Walkerooni

    The Way: how do you feel about THE movie?

    To be fair, in the movie he learned of the death of his son, and a few days later was in SJPdP to collect his remains, only thereafter deciding to walk the Camino himself to honor his son. I think in the same circumstances, most of us would not have decided on the flight over to sign up for...
  2. Walkerooni

    Breast Cancer & Oral Chemo

    I am a recently retired oncology pharmacist. I can certainly help. I will send you a private note.
  3. Walkerooni

    Zubiri or Larrasoana?

    If you look at the albergue on the gronze.com site, you will not only see photos, but read many detailed opinions from fellow pilgrims who have stayed there. I am not sure how requesting detailed information from fellow pilgrims who happen to be on the forum is more valuable?
  4. Walkerooni

    Beilari Reservation

    You are being impatient. It is January. Nobody is home.
  5. Walkerooni

    Any Advice about how to strengthen my knees for down hills.

    I mean glutes (maximus and medius), adductors, hip flexors, psoas, quadriceps, deep core... Strengthening all adds stability that takes pressure off the joints.
  6. Walkerooni

    Any Advice about how to strengthen my knees for down hills.

    Barring any foot misalignment problems (which many of us have), the most common cause of knee problems is weak hips. The poster who spoke of soreness on outside of knees going downhill described an iliotibial (IT) band problem. The IT band does not stretch, so no amount of stretching will fix...
  7. Walkerooni

    Timing - Flight Arrival to Boarding the Alsa Bus at Madrid's T4

    There is a great YouTube video by Tony Galvez about the Madrid airport which gives great info about getting to Alsa bus from any terminal. It was really helpful to me. I arrived at 1100, and bus left at 1300-ish. I had time to get luggage, clear customs, and had at least an hour to spare!
  8. Walkerooni

    Diversity on the Camino

    On my first Camino I met people from over 40 countries, and on my second, over 30. All heights, weights, personalities, hair colors, skin colors, and size of feet. I have travelled a lot and nowhere have I found the level of diversity in both landscape and people that the Camino provides! But I...
  9. Walkerooni

    I've walked the Camino in barefoot shoes

    I don't hear you actually making case for them...
  10. Walkerooni

    Albergue San Miguel, the painting albergue, is on sale for personal reasons!

    I stayed this September and loved it! In between a very warm welcome from Arturo and his wife, and a goodbye hug to send me on my way, I really enjoyed the beautiful paintings done by current and past pilgrims. Nice facilities with a lovely outdoor patio. Arturo, I have informed Canadian...
  11. Walkerooni

    Person missing since Nov 9, 2023 — walking Camino Portugués -RIP

    While on a Camino I seldom know where I am on the globe, nor the date within weeks. It may indeed be that your person has simply immersed themselves in the experience. Or they left their phone charger in the wall at their last stop. On the other hand, I understand your concern. Hopefully it...
  12. Walkerooni

    Best way to get to St. Jean Pied de Port from Ontario Canada

    It completely depends when you plan to go. For anyone starting any time close to the 2024 summer Olympics in Paris, I would avoid Paris like the plague!
  13. Walkerooni

    What was left unused? What can be left behind?

    As to your original question of what we took but did not use, my answer is the same for both of my caminos--my first aid kit. But I will always take one.
  14. Walkerooni

    Is the Camino too crowded now?

    Walked SJPdP to Santiago May/June 2018. Never booked . And again Burgos to Santiago and onward this late Aug/Sept. I never booked. All I read on this forum was how crowded and impossible it was, and to go home. But again, I never booked, found the most lovely albergues at 25-50% capacity...
  15. Walkerooni

    What I lost on the Camino

    Which brings me back to a former post...how do some of you make it out of your driveways? 🤣😂
  16. Walkerooni

    Filling in pieces of the Camino Puzzle

    "it's quite nice to be the village elder and not the village idiot!" I don't think the former precludes the latter. Just sayin'
  17. Walkerooni

    For Sale/Wanted Top Albergue of the French Way for Sale in Hospital de Orbigo

    I stayed here this September. I feel privileged I got the chance while you still owned it, Arturo. What a wonderful welcome you gave me. I wish you joy in whatever comes next for you.
  18. Walkerooni

    Finisterre -it’s raining cats and dogs- should I just sleep in?

    Finisterre is a soulless place with no vibe at all. Skip it. Go to Muxia.
  19. Walkerooni

    Do many pilgrims start Sept 1 in the big cities on the CF?

    I just walked Burgos to Santiago starting August 25. So I was ahead of the September wave. Relative to my late May walk SJPdP to SdC in 2018, it was dead out there. Often saw only 4-8 pilgrims during my day's walk. Albergues with capacity of 36 or 50 beds had only 5 or 6 people. It picked up...
  20. Walkerooni

    Frivolous debate - swimsuit vs 3rd set of undergarments

    My solution to cool mornings/hot afternoons is arm warmers, available in any running or cycling store. If it is cool, I put those on with a short sleeved tee, and presto--long sleeved shirt! Typically about 15 minutes down the road, I pull them off and tie them around a loop on my pack, and...

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