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  1. Tickbush

    What should I do about calluses?

    I get callouses on my heels, especially when I wear my Tevas a lot. I use sandpaper to keep the callouses from getting too thick
  2. Tickbush

    Refuge Orisson vs. Auberge Borda

    I stayed at Borda on my birthday in 2023. I got a candle on my dessert and Happy Birthday sung in English and French. The host goes out of his way to provide a great stay. I also stopped at Orisson for lunch and great conversations. One small difference- I heard that Orisson does not have seats...
  3. Tickbush

    Auberge Borda

    I stayed there in May, 2023. Each room has 4 curtained beds, no upper bunks. These have reading lights and power outlets. Each room also has a private bathroom. There’s a storage room for shoes, poles, and packs. Only your necessary items go into the albergue, in a provided tote. Lauren is a...
  4. Tickbush

    Question about towels

    I have a very threadbare 50-year-old beach towel that I cut down in size. It’s just big enough to wrap around me if necessary. Dries as quickly as microfiber.
  5. Tickbush

    Lessons learnt on my first Camino

    My experience on my first Camino this year was very similar. I, too, had a knee injury and had to end my walk at Atapuerca. I was extremely disappointed, but was able, after a couple of weeks, to enjoy some sightseeing by way of buses and taxis. I will be going back next May, at age 73, to...
  6. Tickbush

    What are your favorite Camino misspellings on the forum?

    Auberge de jeunesse=youth hostel
  7. Tickbush

    what Camera option are people using

    I bought a Panasonic Lumix DC-ZS70 for my Camino, rather than carry my larger camera. It’s very compact and I kept it in my waist pouch, where I could get it out quickly. It does not have interchangeable lenses, but has a 30x zoom, which enabled me to photograph birds. However, I did not really...
  8. Tickbush

    Looking for recommendations for lodging only.

    I did not pre-book my Camino, but I have done several hikes in UK and Ireland, using Mac’s Adventures. They did a very good job with each trip. There were only a couple of times that we had to leave the route and Mac’s had arranged a taxi to and from those lodgings.
  9. Tickbush

    How has the Camino changed you.

    After returning from the Camino, I find that, every morning, I'm craving a cafe con leche. So, I've decided to buy a fancy espresso/frothing machine. There are many on the market, so I'm wondering if any of you have one that you would particularly recommend. A lot of them require pods, but I...
  10. Tickbush

    liner - the one

    Buy some silk fabric and make a bag in the size and shape you prefer. For easy entry, leave one side and, possibly, the bottom open, with zipper, snaps or Velcro tabs to close it.
  11. Tickbush

    Madrid Parque de El Retiro or centro accommodations?

    Sleep n Atocha, 5 minute walk from Atocha train station. It’s very easy to take the train to and from the airport. Sofia Reina is less than a 5 minute walk, Prado 10 minutes, Retiro Park 10 minutes. Buffet breakfast in rooftop terrace. I paid $109/night in May.
  12. Tickbush

    Poles on the Plane and Security

    After a knee injury ended my Camino last month, I caught a flight to Barcelona. I had read that people are able to take their poles on the plane, if they need them for mobility. In this case, not so. I was turned back at security and had to check my poles. I then had to use their wheelchair...
  13. Tickbush

    Succinct advice

    Be flexible; you may get a curve ball.
  14. Tickbush

    Making lemonade in Leon

    I also spent a couple if days in Leon, waiting for a knee to get better. I hobbled through the cathedral and then Casa Botines, where I discovered Gaudi. The next thing I knew, I was on a flight to Barcelona! I toured 4 or 5 Gaudi creations there, with minimal walking, thanks to the hop on/hop...
  15. Tickbush

    Luggage transfer on the Finisterre route

    Just this past week, I used Loncho. They did a great job, at 5 Euros per stop.
  16. Tickbush

    3436 Compostelas today - pretty busy!

    I am in Santiago today and it is crazy crowded. Large groups are pouring in and singing and chanting in the plaza, to the point of being very annoying. It was much quieter when I was here a week ago and a week before that. Each time was a Saturday, so larger crowds are to be expected. But today...
  17. Tickbush

    Looking for Long Pants and Shorts with Great Pockets for the Camino

    Being a small woman, I found that REI has a kids’ version of Sahara zip-offs that fit perfectly. The waist is adjustable and the pockets are “drop-in”, no zipper, button, or Velcro. I find these pockets are perfect for quick access to my phone. It’s not likely that the phone would ever fall out...
  18. Tickbush

    Am I packing too much?

    I don’t know what the Sea to Summit clothesline is like, but I’ve found that a length of thin nylon twine and a few safety pins work well. Also, I was adamant that I needed my Kindle. During the 16 days I walked, I rarely used it. After I injured my knee and had to end my walk, I read all the...
  19. Tickbush

    Atapuerca to Burgos by bus

    I woke up in Atapuerca last week with a totally “unwalkable” knee. I had to get a taxi to Burgos. It was about 40 Euros.
  20. Tickbush

    Possibly cancelling my camino

    After having to cancel 4 times since 2020, I am finally on the Camino and it has been an amazing couple of weeks. But now I’m laid up in Burgos with a knee problem. I’m in a campground cabin, which is a perfect place for recuperation. I may be able to walk in a couple of days, but I think this...

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