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  1. WestKirsty

    Detailed Planning for Viejo/Olvidado from Pamplona

    I walked the Viejo/Olvidado last summer. From Miranda de Ebro to Aguilar de Campoo had me saying "wow" outloud, daily...if not several times per day! Canyons, great paths, wonderful villages, waterfalls, ancient roads, I could go on and on. I still think of that week regularly and hope to go...
  2. WestKirsty

    Dress Code (esp. Shoes) in Michelin restaurant in San Sebastian

    I haven't been to a Michelin restaurant in SS but have been to 2 in/near Bilbao. Both times I was surprised by how casual the other diners were dressed. I went for smart casual the first time then looked over and noticed the folks in the table next to us were in blue jeans, t-shirts and...
  3. WestKirsty

    Route from Bilbao to Burgos and its Name

    I haven't walked that way but seen that route on maps as well. I think it's the Camino del Valle de Mena: https://www.rayyrosa.com/camino-del-valle-de-mena The first day or two is the same as the Camino Olvidado and then the route heads south. Ive walked through some of that area on a different...
  4. WestKirsty


    I was caught out in a storm this past June on the Camino Viejo. There were storm warnings issued that day for later in the afternoon. I left early and my goal was to get to my destination before the storms set in. I wasn't fast enough! After coming through a canyon, I had no cell coverage and...
  5. WestKirsty

    Slow walkers on the Baztan in May 2024

    I walked the Baztan just a couple of weeks ago and it is a lovely route! I stayed at Andy's place in Espelette. You can contact him via these numbers/email: https://www.gronze.com/francia/pirineos-atlanticos/espelette/chambre-dhotes-andy-le-sauce of his website...
  6. WestKirsty

    Consulting the Forum Hive mind: which Camino in Dec

    I planned my accommodation ahead of time (about a week or so in advance) so had no issues. I posted about the walk here: https://www.caminodesantiago.me/community/threads/christmas-break-camino-invierno.78003/#post-1093101 I think I mentioned where I stayed most nights, if not, I'd be happy to...
  7. WestKirsty

    Consulting the Forum Hive mind: which Camino in Dec

    I walked the Invierno last December/January (over Christmas break) and really loved it! The poor weather some days actually added to the experience - the castle emerging from the clouds on day 1 is a wonderful memory. There were others on the trail at that time too, so very quiet but not alone...
  8. WestKirsty

    Following the GR123 on the Coast Between Gernika and Portugalete

    Thanks so much for this! I walked the Norte in 2016 and afterwards tried different day hikes to see if it would be possible to stay along the coast, as you've done here. I got close but between Bakio and Plentzia was stopped by a guard dog - tried twice to get past but couldn't and read that...
  9. WestKirsty

    LIVE from the Camino Camino Allerano Boñar-Figaredo

    Thanks so much for these posts and the pics! It looks beautiful!
  10. WestKirsty

    My Cami St. Jaume -- from Llançà to Montserrat

    Thanks so much for all the info here and now some updated information too! I should be able to walk 10 days at Easter next year and have started looking into options. This might be at the top of my list :)
  11. WestKirsty

    Camino Viejo Stages & Tracks (June 2023)

    I should also add that if anyone wants to do the Oña - Trespaderne variant, they are working to (finally) complete the bridges after years of delays. The via Verde would make a very short day (<10km) but looks beautiful! And would give you lots of time for sightseeing in the area :)
  12. WestKirsty

    Camino Viejo Stages & Tracks (June 2023)

    How exciting! I think of this walk often and hope to go back and explore the area more. Hopefully these links work for you: Quintanta to Pesquera - I had problems with my wikiloc this day but followed Caminaka's tracks from 2012...
  13. WestKirsty

    Experiences on the Olvidado - June/July 2023

    I'm really sorry to hear! But yes, the Olvidado will be awaiting your return. Buen Camino when the time comes!
  14. WestKirsty

    Walking Camino Vasco in reverse?

    Hi! Ive walked the full Vasco in the standard direction and a few stages in reverse - from Santo Domingo to Haro and Zegama to Beasian. It can be very tricky to see the arrows going in reverse! I would definitely suggest having some form of map to follow. I used Mapy.cz on this route. It's not...
  15. WestKirsty

    Experiences on the Olvidado - June/July 2023

    I'm excited for you! I haven't ever been to the Cathedral in Bilbao, come to think of it! I don't see why you couldn't get a stamp there, though best to check the opening hours. Buen Camino when the time comes! I'm really looking forward to hearing about it :)
  16. WestKirsty

    LIVE from the Camino Mid July on the Primitivo

    Oh my! That's a way to add a little adrenaline to the last day! Glad you made it safely and thank you for posting!
  17. WestKirsty

    BP on the Olvidado July 2023 - A retrospective

    I'm looking forward to reading the last chapter but also quite sad all this fun Camino time is coming to a close. It's been really great following you online so close to my own little adventure; really brings back great memories as I deal with the usual post-Camino blues. Any chance you'll be...
  18. WestKirsty

    Menu at Cafe Suso (2023)

    Thanks for that! Sounds delicious...
  19. WestKirsty

    Menu at Cafe Suso (2023)

    I've seen this thread a few times and can't help but ask...what did you choose in the end?! It looks like a fabulous set of choices and I'll head there next time I'm in Santiago! How was it?! (Living vicariously through forum members as I deal with my post-Camino blues)
  20. WestKirsty

    LIVE from the Camino My Camino Finisterre and Muxía 2023

    Thanks so much for sharing the journey here! 50 days 😍! Congratulations! I've really enjoyed your posts and appreciate the time you put into them. Here's to many more Caminos! 🥂

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