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  1. ELHS220

    Correos Luggage transfer

    I paid in advance for the entire CF in ‘22 and ‘23. No issue. Not sure what you mean by “country locked to Spain.” Correos only operates in Spanish territory, so your pick-ups and drop-offs will always be “in Spain.” You can, however, purchase the service from anywhere. Can you put up a...
  2. ELHS220

    Attending Sunday Mass

    My feelings as well. I still suffer “nun-guilt” from 50+ years ago. At that time, there was no such thing as Mass on Saturdays. You either went on Sunday or you earned a one-way ticket to hell with no chance of parole. So, if you can now go on Saturday for Sunday, why can’t you go on MONDAY...
  3. ELHS220

    Sello (stamp) Obsession: Is there a medical term for this?

    And here are five more…..
  4. ELHS220

    Sello (stamp) Obsession: Is there a medical term for this?

    I vote for the SELLOITIS I am hopelessly and unashamedly addicted to the SELLOS and vote for the SELLOLITIS suggestion. Last May through mid-July, on the Camino Francés, I completely filled SEVEN of the SJPP credentials (70+ squares each) and had to get one of the much smaller Spanish ones in...
  5. ELHS220

    SJPDP-SDC in 32 days-is this realistic?

    Gronze.com divides it into 33 stages. Depends on how many miles you feel you can cover. 32 days would be about 15 miles a day, every day with no rest. For me (now 76), that’s a lot. I did my first Camino in 2015. I had 36 walking days, and 5 rest days. I’ve done it 3 times since, all at a...
  6. ELHS220

    Norte albergue

    I was “stuck” in SS for 6 nights in 2019 due to a knee issue that required a visit to the ER. I was at Downtown River Hostal for two nights and at A Room in the City for four. Both are on Booking. The second is the better location, closer to the beach promenade and old town. I would...
  7. ELHS220

    Travel Insurance

    ALLIANZ seems to cover it if you pay for your trip within 14 days of booking. Check out this info: https://www.allianztravelinsurance.com/travel/medical/existing-medical-conditions-coverage.htm
  8. ELHS220

    Zubiri or Larrasoana?

  9. ELHS220

    More people the closer to Santiago?

    And There are so many personal variables with regard to what the best walking times and conditions are. My comment was simply one possible solution to the “crowd” issue, and it worked like a charm for ME. I am a sunshine, blue sky person and, as mentioned above, very “into” photography. A...
  10. ELHS220

    Sellos... More important than certificates

    What a great idea! I remember being refused a stamp because I didn’t want to buy croissant #8 and “la tinta cuesta” (ink costs money). It would have been great to have been able to whip out my own ink pad.
  11. ELHS220

    Sellos... More important than certificates

    I scanned mine into jpg format, included a few related things and made this poster. Unfortunately, I don’t remember which website I used to put it all together.
  12. ELHS220

    More people the closer to Santiago?

    Unless you are in a bed race, just start later in the morning. I used transport, made reservations, and had absolutely no desire to finish by 1:00 PM or start before 8:00-9:00 AM. I am very big on photography and finishing at 1:00 is wasting half the day. But that’s ME. If you start real...
  13. ELHS220

    Albergue in Leon

    Leon Hostel. Right around corner from cathedral. More expensive than the “usual” albergue, but SO WORTH IT. I have stayed there twice.
  14. ELHS220

    Sellos... More important than certificates

    I, too, go bananas over the sellos. This past year I began with seven SJPP credentials and filled them all. I actually had to cut back on the last few days because I didn’t want to end the Camino using a “mismatched” credential. I think the SJPP credential is by far the BEST ONE. It is...
  15. ELHS220

    Hospitaleros & The Pilgrim

    Interesting. I’ve done the Norte (parts) twice (2018, 2019). In 2018, I stayed there. But I don’t really remember anything “off.” In 2019, I was a passerby looking for something to eat. In order to enter, I was told that my small daypack had to be left outside. It was not up for discussion...
  16. ELHS220

    Los Arcos accommodation..

    I stayed at CASA DE LA ABUELA, a few steps from the church and main square, but I was in the albergue. They have a couple of private rooms pictured on their website, a link to which can be found on GRONZE. Owners very pleasant.
  17. ELHS220

    U.S. Passport renewal timeframe

    According to the State Department website, passport renewal is currently taking seven to ten weeks. I sent in my application a couple days before Thanksgiving and I received it today, December 14. Needless to say, I was QUITE surprised.
  18. ELHS220

    Albergues Cost

    This website will give you a listing of all accommodations along the route as well as prices. Things might be a bit higher with each passing year, but you will have a general idea. My cheapest was 7€ and most expensive 22€ this past year (May-July). I used mostly privates that allowed...
  19. ELHS220

    Cowboy Bar

    It was shuttered this past June.

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