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  1. rappahannock_rev

    Hotel Continental, St Jean PdP

    The Gite Compostella! Stayed there in 2012 and loved it. I do hope that it's still open!
  2. rappahannock_rev

    If you had to choose to skip a part of the route. What would be your choice?

    My least loved sections? Probably Santo Domingo de la Calzada to Burgos, and Leon to Astorga.. And as for those stages west of Sarria? Not my favorites by any means -- I'm a Meseta man! -- but if ya ain't walked Sarria to SdeC at least once, ya ain't walked the Camino!
  3. rappahannock_rev

    Train transfer in Leon

    When I arrived at the Leon bus station in late October 2023 I discovered that the comfy old Terminal building was closed -- under total reconstruction. People were milling about amongst the external bus-stop slots hoping to make their connections. Much confusion. Hope things are better now.
  4. rappahannock_rev

    Update on The Way 2

    Attention The Way fans! That courtyard is easily found! I visited it in 2019.
  5. rappahannock_rev

    Update on The Way 2

    "You don't tug on Superman's cape, "You don't spit into the wind, "You don't pull the mask off the old Lone Ranger...." And you don't mess around with The Way!
  6. rappahannock_rev

    Ranking my top 10 foods from the Camino

    Since others are plugging their favorite restaurants, I will presume to plug mine. My 2019 Frances was cut short at Leon. That last night I ate at La Taberna Aurea, across the Plaza del Grano from the Madres Benedictinas. The mood, the weather, the service, the food -- memorable! Scrambled...
  7. rappahannock_rev

    The Portomarin "Liberty Bell"

    Can anyone give me the background on the "Liberty Bell" monument that overlooks the Rio Mino at Portomarin? I don't remember ever seeing it before my May 2022 Camino.... It struck me as odd and very much out of place... I can't guess when it was erected or why.... And why are the words on the...
  8. rappahannock_rev

    O Cebreiro Eucharistic Miracle

    Curious date for a event that is said to have occurred in the depths of a snowy winter, eh?
  9. rappahannock_rev

    O Cebreiro Eucharistic Miracle

    Is there a particular day of the year when the O Cebreiro Eucharistic Miracle is celebrated?
  10. rappahannock_rev

    Fromista to Burgos

    Agreed! If there's a bus to Burgos, they'll surely know. On my September 2019 Camino my back had begun to hurt very badly by the time I reached Fromista. I went to the Turismo in town center and asked about public transportation to my next target town, Carrion de los Condes. The lady I spoke...
  11. rappahannock_rev

    How best to get to Oloron-Sainte-Marie or??

    Did exactly that in May 2018, and consider it one of my best adventures! Flew from the States to Toulouse via Lisbon on TAP. Gave myself a day to explore Toulouse and enjoyed every minute of it. Especially enjoyed the Convent des Jacobins -- both a beautiful cloister and the tomb of St. Thomas...
  12. rappahannock_rev

    Bus from Santiago to Ferrol

    I bussed from SdeC Intermodal to Ferrol using Monbus in late May 2022. Paid 8 Euros. Bought my ticket at the station. The trip was quick and very comfortable, and I can recommend it w/o reservation. No changes were necessary! I did find the Ferrol bus station looking a bit run-down and...
  13. rappahannock_rev

    Aragones / Invierno advice, please

    A few misc thoughts.... The Estacion in Canfranc was undergoing serious work when I visited in 2018. We were allowed to look around inside, but had to wear hard hats. It was very impressive! I'd love to see it now that the work is completed. Best tapas in toda Espana (IMHO!) were at the Bar...
  14. rappahannock_rev

    Aragones / Invierno advice, please

    I walked the Aragones in May 2018, starting at Lourdes. Memorable experience! The vistas coming down from Somport to Canfranc Estacion were extraordinary. Don't even think about missing them! ... But there's this: There were a number of Aragones stages without any other pilgrims in sight for...
  15. rappahannock_rev

    Can I Walk the Last 100km of Camino Frances with a Wheeled Walker?

    Thought about doing it again?
  16. rappahannock_rev

    Ashes on the Frances

    Relevant to this thread: https://www.reuters.com/world/europe/vatican-eases-rules-ashes-dead-2023-12-12/
  17. rappahannock_rev

    Route of the Holy Grail

    The book is Kings of the Grail: Tracing the Historic Journey of the Holy Grail from Jerusalem to Spain, Margarita Torres Sevilla and Jose Miguel Ortega del Rio, 2015. ... Very much worth a read, IMHO! ... Available from Amazon in hard copy or Kindle. The "Chalice of Dona Urraca" is currently...
  18. rappahannock_rev

    Accommodation for Madrid airport

    Another vote for the Hostal Viky, in the Barajas centro viejo. It's a bit minimalist, but my needs have always been simple. There are several restaurants and shops just around the corner, on the charming Plaza Mayor -- I recommend the tapas at the Lizarran.... And the free airport shuttle is a joy.
  19. rappahannock_rev

    Favorite Pilgrimage Memoir *Not* Set on the Camino Francés?

    There's certainly Robert Lewis Stevenson's 1879 Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes. Great fun! (But was he a pilgrim...?) One I'm absolutely passionate about is Hilaire Belloc's 1902 The Path to Rome. It still astonishes me that Belloc could walk (as a pilgrim!) across the heart of Europe at...
  20. rappahannock_rev

    For those who have walked the Camino 2 or more times

    The Frances is dear to my heart. I cannot walk it too many times. (BTW -- I enjoyed seeing you in October!) But have you considered the possibility of the Aragones? Starting at Lourdes, and walking over the Somport Pass? I did that in 2018 and found it to be memorable.

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