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  1. caminoballie

    When I Get to Santiago, how do I submit my credencial and get a compostela?

    Facing the Cathedral, on your left side is the Paradores Hotel. In front of that is a road descending to your left again. Go down there and at the end of the Paradores (now on your right) turn right. Walk roughtly 150 meter, maybe 200, and on your left you will find the pilgrim office. Use your...
  2. caminoballie

    Baggage Forwarding.

    Thanks everybody for the help on this.
  3. caminoballie

    Baggage Forwarding.

    There are many threads on here regarding baggage forwarding. From what I see most of them are old and not regarding Le Puy. I will leave Le Puy on August 3, and I need to send a small bag ahead of me, perhaps two or three stops ahead. Can any of you pros with experience and knowledge fill an...
  4. caminoballie

    New Kid on the Forum - Hola peregrinos!

    To the Admin a huge thanks for this incredible resource. I'm planning my first Camino and I will start in Puy-en-Velay on the via Podiensis. I'm certain there must be a ton of resources on that topic here and would appreciate a gentle push in the right direction to find them. Oh and, my name...
  5. caminoballie

    Looking for men to walk the Frances route;

    Hello Mark, here's your first reply. My name is Wayne and I started preparing for my Camino Frances roughly 6 weeks ago. I'm 60 years old and his will be my first time out there. I'll possibly leave from Pau, or thereabout, and head toward St. Jean. Let's stay in touch (if you'd like) and see if...

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