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  1. Shades of Narnia

    Lausanne, Switzerland to Wiesbaden, Germany

    I learned during my 6 day hike on ViaJacobi4, in Switzerland that 2 somewhat reasonable sleep options for those not wildcamping are Monestaries and 'sleep in straw' @ farmgates. Just saying; cost of living in Switzerland is steep!
  2. Shades of Narnia

    Light tent vs Bivy bag

    I leave Wednesday and hope to walk most of the Swiss Jacobsweg (Camino), carrying a Pinon Bivy by Katabatic Gear, combining this with the tarp capacity of my One Wind Poncho. I have done many Caminos and always use the 28L Gregory backpack. Buen Camino, fondly sandi
  3. Shades of Narnia

    LIVE from the Camino PwP (person with Parkinson's) doing the Camino de Invierno

    Mary Virtue from Victoria? If yes, greetings; we stayed camped in your driveway years ago for the Hospitaleros Course :) sandi from Harrison Hot Springs. I am just starting to look at this Camino perhaps for Fall.
  4. Shades of Narnia

    Camino del norte budget?

    But remember, Albergues such as Donativos and Municipals are only for those actively walking or biking the Camino. Once you have finished your walk and begin bussing from place to place, your budget will need to factor in Hostel /hotel rates.
  5. Shades of Narnia

    How does Tour de Mont Blanc compare to CF?

    It is not a pilgrimage.
  6. Shades of Narnia

    Parroquial in Viana closed

    No, there are floor mattresses in 2 rooms upstairs. sandi, with fond memories of my 15 day Hospitalera stay.
  7. Shades of Narnia

    Bus Santiago - Baamonde

    Don't forget to ask about the special tree carvings on the tree, in the Church yard, around the corner from the Albergue, in Baamonde.
  8. Shades of Narnia

    Waymarking on Salvador - In both directions?

    Is San Salvador trail well marked in both directions; North-South and South-North?
  9. Shades of Narnia

    Early risers extraordinaire!

    Yes, thank you for the heads up, I just edited my remarks to remove the "to slow them down..."Ultriea, onward, to each his(her, them) own journey. Fondly, pilgrim sandi
  10. Shades of Narnia

    Early risers extraordinaire!

    At some point I hope the spectacular views caught up with them.
  11. Shades of Narnia

    Seeking Canadian secular pilgrims who experienced transformation on the Camino for research

    Blessings as you move to identify and further understand journeys of the soul. Fondly sandi
  12. Shades of Narnia

    Looking for hostel/hotel near to bus stop from Finisterre to Santiago

    Requirement that you have walked to Finnisterra, to stay 1 night.
  13. Shades of Narnia

    Looking for hostel/hotel near to bus stop from Finisterre to Santiago

    Albergue Cabo de Vila; 4 minute walk to the bus stop. I have stayed there 3 extended times, including this past October and really enjoy it there. It meets all my needs. fondly sandi
  14. Shades of Narnia

    El Camino Real? San Diego to Sonoma, California, USA

    I understand the 7/11's there have all you could ever need in the way of supplies, ongoing. I have walked 2 stages with a lovely group, headed up by Pam, called 'Pam's Party'. The popular Guide is written by Ron "Butch" Briery, called California Mission Walk. There is also a El Camino Real de...
  15. Shades of Narnia

    3 pilgrims need walking poles

    And, as well, we have found from our experience, as flight times get close, often the airlines offer free checking to reduce congestion in the cabin. We have taken advantage of that, for homeward travel, strapping our poles onto our packs to get them back home too.
  16. Shades of Narnia

    New forum logo!

    Now you've got me curious; MMMM?
  17. Shades of Narnia

    Option between Otur and Bao

    Noted, thank you.
  18. Shades of Narnia

    What shall I remove from my pack.... 🤔

    Often, not.
  19. Shades of Narnia

    What shall I remove from my pack.... 🤔

    One of my t-shirts becomes a pillowcase at night. I alternate my 2 hiking pants between walking and sleeping pj's. Soap-embedded laundry papers, 1/2 bar combined soap, shampoo and conditioner. Opinal knife and bowl for picnic lunches. Freezer bags and insulated 'Big Sky' bag for leftovers...
  20. Shades of Narnia

    Anything I should ditch or add?

    Excellent weight even if you bring it all :)

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