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  1. markie6

    SJPdP one night or two?

    Paris arrival ( day off to see the sights if you like or rest ) next day early train allows you to get to Bayonne and St Jean and have a look around should you want thats what I have done in the past IMHO there are more opportunities for rest days in the more interesting towns and cities on...
  2. markie6

    Heavy snow in Foncebadon

    not true sledders
  3. markie6

    Heavy snow in Foncebadon

    O Cebreiro webcam showing heavy snow too https://www.g24.gal/-/o-cebreiro somebody on the ground give the camera wave please so we know it's live :P stay safe peeps
  4. markie6

    On the Camino: One Day at a Time, one Photo at a Time 11.0

    Arzua Sep 22 Relaxing in the town readying for the next days arrival in Santiago Blessed are the cheesemakers
  5. markie6

    Using a blanket as a jacket on a cold day

    Layering, LAYERING...then a little more layering You will warm up carrying your pack and walking also
  6. markie6

    On the Camino: One Day at a Time, one Photo at a Time 11.0

    Not much changed..not the biggest fan of the showers though.. little bit of a free for all (sept 22)
  7. markie6

    Advice… please… 🙏🏻 (About starting time each day)

    My standard advice for any first timer is to book Roncesvalles ( 1st night for most ) and either Zubiri or Larosoanna for the second night. After that you should find yourself learning as you go... how far you want to walk per day... where you might end up .. will you need to reserve ?? will...
  8. markie6

    What are most people finding as the daily expense of a 2-3 month Camino walk?

    I was doing my math at the start of the thread and came to the sums of 35 a day for 2-3 months on the Frances ( from my experience) would be minimum 60 days to 90 days @ 35€ = 2100-3100 ish Knowing that outside the CF route or Spain, those numbers could climb sharply It's good to try and be...
  9. markie6

    A long (winding) road.

    Sept '19 Somewhere between Torres del Rio and Viana IIRC my camino buddy of 5 days was now gone but not forgotten
  10. markie6

    On the Camino: One Day at a Time, one Photo at a Time 11.0

    Sept '22 End of day 4 Villlamajor de Monjardin IIRC Think this pilgrim should quit smoking
  11. markie6

    On the Camino: One Day at a Time, one Photo at a Time 11.0

    End of Day 14 ( Sept '22 ) Reliegos to Oncina.... not brave enough to try and get into the hammock. Was sure there was somebody else there with a camera ...waiting for me to fall out
  12. markie6

    A long (winding) road.

    Keep going in the 1 per day R&P .. none of this quitting talk
  13. markie6

    Where is this

    Yes good one. Winner here
  14. markie6

    On the Camino: One Day at a Time, one Photo at a Time 11.0

    Fromista Canal Sept '19 I didn't get wet ...others wouldn't have been so lucky
  15. markie6

    Guides in Nepal

    From what I have heard, it is now mandatory. Probably via the gov website you will find definitive proof but I have seen it mentioned on websites.
  16. markie6

    A long (winding) road.

    Long straight stretches of crocus lined paths heading towards Caldazilla Sept 22 Day 13 from San Nicolas del Real Camino to Reliegos taking the detour to see what the Romans did for us
  17. markie6

    On the Camino: One Day at a Time, one Photo at a Time 11.0

    2019 Last day heading from Arzua to Santiago...
  18. markie6

    If you had to choose to skip a part of the route. What would be your choice?

    If I absolutely had to ... then perhaps the entry and exit of Leon. Like others , I would think you have plenty of time to achieve your goal , assuming getting to Muxia by your birthday is it
  19. markie6

    A long (winding) road.

    Between Arzua and Santiago. Sep 27 2022 Galician Green everywhere

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