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    Hands up! Where are forum members from?

    The Wiki article concerns the political situation from 1801 to the 1920s - the modern title was adopted in 1927 (it would seem) - "The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland". Bradypus : apologies - our posts crossed. (edit)
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    St Cuthbert's Way - a short Pilgrimage route in the UK

    I need to begin by saying that we live within 2-3 hours drive of the Way so that we can plan expeditions within the time of the weather forecast - say up to 10-12 days ahead. We walked several stages of the St Cuthbert's in October last year, beginning on the 7th, with no concerns. In January...
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    A great thanks to the irreplaceable @mspath

    The thread title engendered instant alarm - was Margaret seriously unwell or something worse? I was greatly relieved when I perused the entries. Perhaps it's just my mind-set as a retired family physician - years of frequently dealing in "bad news" of all kinds. I am always impressed by...
  4. M

    How to get Meningitis shot in Spain?

    Having the (correct) immunisation administered in Spain should not be a problem but you should check with the university that the certificate will be accepted... The Texas Department of State Health Services website is silent on this point but, if an exemption from the vaccine requirement is...
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    Should we give recommendations on the forum?

    This is the equivalent of the Tripadvisor one-star review which is based solely on a failure to answer the 'phone...
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    Ultimate Dog Repellent

    "when she’s just trying to say hello" The next dog-owner who says that to me may receive quite a surprise... We do not wish your canine to "say hello" to us - keep the animal on a lead - and use the lead properly i.e. it should be short enough to prevent any question of contact with the...
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    John Brierley is seriously ill - an invitation to send messages of thanks and support.

    An Irish Times article in December 2007 suggests that he was 59 at that time so now probably 74 or 75. Sad news - we can only express our sympathies and offer our hopes for improvement.
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    Ultimate Dog Repellent

    Not strictly relevant to the Camino but I think it is to the OP's concerns and to some of the opinions so far expressed. As a rural GP (family physician) in the UK, I treated a large number of patients with dog bites. My professional partners had similar experiences. Face the facts - dogs DO...
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    Pamplona lodging near train & /or or bus stations

    The "train station" is 1.5km from the base of the "ascensor" which conveys you to the edge of the Old Town with the Cathedral a mere 750 metres further...you will have been walking through streets with many bars and restaurants.
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    Don’t forget your driver’s license!

    According to www.gov.uk... "You do not need an IDP to drive in the EU, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein if you have a photocard driving licence issued in the UK." If your licence was issued in Gibraltar, Guernsey, Jersey or the Isle of Man you might need an IDP. And there are 3...
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    Crowding on the Camino Francés?

    As one who has taken up points made in earlier posts, I disagree : if remarks are made which, in a member's opinion, are contentious (or on other threads, frankly inaccurate) should they simply be ignored? Deleting comments is not useful - later posts may make no sense and, in the case of...
  12. M

    Crowding on the Camino Francés?

    May I say immediately that, especially since the advent of Covid, I am almost always in agreement with your posts? However... There is definitely a pejorative flavour to the idea of a difference between those who need to have their world predefined and those who trust to their own abilities to...
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    How to find a meal on a busy Sunday in Viana - are we doing it wrong?

    That was partly why I asked for expansion of the "long story" though a priest with possession of a pair of trousers belonging to a lady is quite intriguing in itself.
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    How to find a meal on a busy Sunday in Viana - are we doing it wrong?

    I crave the moderators' indulgence to allow you to expand the "long story"!
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    Advice please! West highland way vs Camino Frances

    You seem to be saying that June to September is LOW season for midges - am I reading this correctly? This opinion is not supported by my own (local) experience nor any of the usual online sources. "Midge season" is variable but can run from April/May to September. In most years, there will be...
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    Tea on the go

    I am a little confused by the weight you quote for an "isothermic" bottle, especially your view that one with a cup is about double the stated 366g. GARRAFA ISOTÉRMICA DE CAMINHADA INOX 0,4 LITROS AZUL This product is from the Decathlon Portuguese website : weight 290g which I am sure includes...
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    Footwear on the plane

    The "space down the back" sounds just like the Air New Zealand Boeing 747s around 1999-2002. I spent considerable time standing/stretching in that area on several flights from the UK to NZ (via LA at that time) while in Economy Class. I have to confess that my final return flight to Britain was...
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    Should I pack backup eyeglasses?

    To some extent you are achieving a similar effect (*) to that of photochromic lenses. You can still carry the backup (clear) pair for evening. The real point of photochromic (for me) is the ability to have sun protection and map-reading facility but also being able to function indoors without...
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    Should I pack backup eyeglasses?

    Not to labour the point too much but...photochromic lenses. Not perfectly clear indoors or in the evening but very much better than normal sunglasses.
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    Should I pack backup eyeglasses?

    A refinement is to have "photochromic" sunglasses which can be used indoors in the evening if necessary - they do not become entirely "clear" but are perfectly usable. I updated the prescription recently so they are suitable for driving. I wear my photochromics on a cord in daytime. I dislike...

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