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  1. Jeff Crawley

    Using a blanket as a jacket on a cold day

    This may seem odd but, as a short term solution, wearing a fleece next to the skin and under a t-shirt is a much warmer option than wearing the fleece over the t-shirt (tip from a ski instructor to one of my daughters). The downside is that, if you start to overheat, you then have to strip off...
  2. Jeff Crawley

    Slippery quilt and sliding liner

    My favoured combo is a silk liner (for hygiene) and then a lightweight quilt on top, scrunched down at the bottom end to make a footbox (also stops quilt escaping in the wee small hours).
  3. Jeff Crawley

    Slippery quilt and sliding liner

    Quilt keeps you warm, liner protects you from mattress/mattress from you?
  4. Jeff Crawley

    Pocket coin pouch for those EU coins?

    If you (or a friend) has a vacuum sealer in the kitchen then just use the heat seal section. IKEA's heavyweight bags that close with a pinch rather than a slider are quite durable - I usually seal two lines across the bottom edge just to be sure.
  5. Jeff Crawley

    Pocket coin pouch for those EU coins?

    Try HERE
  6. Jeff Crawley

    Pocket coin pouch for those EU coins?

    I've got one of these PAPER WALLET It holds a surprising amount of coins and opens with the flick of the wrist. Fits neatly into that little knife pocket on the right side of a pair of jeans . . . except nobody in their right mind would wear jeans on a hike.
  7. Jeff Crawley

    Pocket coin pouch for those EU coins?

    Binder clips are SO useful, you can: 1. Keep your shower curtain from blowing in on you while showering, close the gap on hotel curtains. 2. Attach holiday lights to the edge of a shelf or bookcase, or the top of your cubicle. 3. Ditch flimsy plastic chip clips for a binder clip. 4. Keep...
  8. Jeff Crawley

    Walking Poles

  9. Jeff Crawley

    A little rant about entitlement

    I remember a time when guide books, especially those published in north America, told readers that they ought to ask to inspect their rooms and that the hotelier would be happy if not eager to take time out from their busy schedule to show them around!
  10. Jeff Crawley

    Spanish or English in France?

    Gaufre? ;)😍
  11. Jeff Crawley

    Dress Code (esp. Shoes) in Michelin restaurant in San Sebastian

    We ate dinner in the Amelia (only a two star I'm afraid) last June. The dress code seemed to break down by ages: Elderly (us included): pressed trousers, sweater/cardigan and collared shirt for men, dresses for women Middle aged: chinos and sports shirts for men, dresses or trousers/blouses for...
  12. Jeff Crawley


    Or, more simply: A doctor friend/fellow pilgrim who used this "recipe" while working with MSF - says you can add fresh orange juice for flavour.
  13. Jeff Crawley

    It's been done before... cutlery/bowl/cup?

    On two different Caminos I've found almost new SAKs stabbed into fallen logs that have obviously been used as a seat for a picnic and left behind when the first owner moved on. Both were collected and later gifted to other pilgrims further along the way. Let's hope your own SAK was re-homed in a...
  14. Jeff Crawley

    Perfect solution (I hope..) sleeping system

    "A tent, above all for a solitary traveller, is troublesome to pitch, and troublesome to strike again; and even on the march it forms a conspicuous feature in your baggage. A sleeping-sack, on the other hand, is always ready--you have only to get into it; it serves a double purpose--a bed by...
  15. Jeff Crawley

    Perfect solution (I hope..) sleeping system

    You don't, after all, need anything under you do you? I mean in bed, at home, are the blankets/quilt just on top or under you too?
  16. Jeff Crawley

    Perfect solution (I hope..) sleeping system

    This could get a bit awkward at night if you're tucked in and find you're too hot. Consider gathering up the bottom edge of the quilt and cinching it with a heavy elastic ring (think pony tails). This forms a little footbox - a safety will increase the length of the closure. Get into the liner...
  17. Jeff Crawley

    Perfect solution (I hope..) sleeping system

    Too late for you now but, if you are going to cut chunks off of a down bag, first run a line of stitching to seal off any leakage and then cut on the other side of it (if you see what I mean). As for buttons, have you considered KAM snaps? You need to buy the crimping tool as well but they are...
  18. Jeff Crawley

    Carry your backpack please.

    The pilgrims of the past carried their belongings on there (sic) backs as a part of the idea of pilgrimage Surely pilgrims of the past used a scrip not unlike today's tote bags because they had precious little in the way of possessions to carry? A staff, a gourd, a scrip and a big hat and that...
  19. Jeff Crawley

    End of a really hot day on the Meseta, friend took this video in a bar

    I remember Sylvia Syms talking about this. They had to use real lager and it took fourteen "takes" to get it right - you can see the level rise and fall only to rise again - after which "Johnny (Mills) had to go for a little lie down . . . . " When Carlsberg used the clip in an advertising...

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