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    COVID Spanish entry requirements changed - no SpTH form/QR needed

    It looks like Verifly updated their app, the requirement is not there anymore.
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    Random thing that made you smile on Camino?

    Took the turn under the arches of San Anton Monastery with nobody else on the road within view, and the outdoor bar on the right hand side was playing “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong. A perfect moment!
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    Suddenly feeling terrified

    It might help to frame it differently: you’re not embarking on a set adventure. You have control, it’s your Camino. If you’re too tired, you can rest a day; If your pack is too heavy, you can have it transported for you; If you don’t like a stage or are not feeling it, you can take a taxi to...
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    Variante Espiritual Boat Ride

    I’ve read several descriptions of the boat ride, including comments of water spray from the speed and the possibility of either a rubber dinghy or a ferry. My question is a bit different. I suffer from motion sickness - I’m ok on a calm bay or lake, and speed is fine. But big swells, or even a...
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    Napoleon Route Weather

    I just walked it on Friday, the trail is totally clear of snow and ice, but you need to check at the office in SJPDP for the current weather.
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    Luggage Transfer From Pamplona To Ivar

    Hi all, I was planning on starting at SJPDP on Wednesday, but with the Napoleon route closed and my horrendous motion sickness (I hear the ride from Pamplona to SJPDP is a stomach turner!), I'm considering starting in Pamplona or Roscenvalles instead. Is the correos the best way to send a...
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    Alternative to Orisson

    They told me the reason they don't take reservations until the day before in early season is the weather, they don't know if they'll be open or not.
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    I am arriving at SJPP with my suitcase. How do I ship it to Santiago?

    I believe it's 70€ for up to 20kg, not 70kg. :-)

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