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    Starting the Camino in Bayonne

    Thank you. My suspicions are being confirmed. It's early days yet. I'm just out of hospital recovering from 3 surgeries, but there's no time like the present to be planning my next Camino.
  2. H

    Starting the Camino in Bayonne

    Would this route be walkable in mid-March? I'm still undecided about my Mar/Apr/May 2025 Camino.
  3. H

    Small internal compression bags

    I have found that compression stockings are great for compressing clothes. Roll up the clothes & pull the stocking over them. Not waterproof, but light & breathable, & a bit see-through.
  4. H

    First aid kit recommendations for Via de La Plata

    Definitely tablets to treat diarrhoea. If you feel those gripes, you want to take the first tablets straight away, not have to walk another 7km & hope a pharmacy will be there and open. ( The voice of thankful experience!)
  5. H

    First aid kit recommendations for Via de La Plata

    Just wondering 🤔 Is hikers' wool the same as sheep's wool??? 🤭
  6. H

    Auberge Borda

    Buen Camino, Caminoelle. I'm just wanting to raise your awareness that there is a possibility that the Napoleon Route can still be closed in early April if the weather is still snowy. I mention this so you can casually explore the alternate route via Valcarlos in case you need it.
  7. H

    What is the best app to learn some Spanish for the Camino? Thanks

    I found "Spanish With Paul" podcasts super helpful. He starts with some basics similar to English, then builds. I had sentences happening before I knew it! 🥳 Lessons are sequetial, with lots of revision, & downloadable notes if you want them. When my April 2020 Camino was postponed, I had...
  8. H

    Is 42 days for SJPDP to Finisterre too long?

    If you have the time, take it and enjoy. It will be over & in the past all too quickly. Savour every step & feel blessed. Buen Camino.
  9. H

    Did you get tired of wearing same colours for weeks?

    Colour is something that usually affects my mood. If I know I'm feeling a bit down, I'll purposely wear something cheery. With this in mind, my second long sleeve top (March -April camino) is a cheery bright pinky-orange) . However, on the Camino, there are very few mirrors or shop windows to...
  10. H

    The Way - part 2. Any news?

    For sure, that HAS to be him!! What does everyone else think? 😘
  11. H

    Butterflies & weeds for you...

    These spectacular treats were such an encouragement to me, especially when my energy was waning. I loved being immersed in God's glory & treasured walking at snail's pace. Butterflies & weeds. So precious!
  12. H

    Hello raincoat, my old friend

    So beautiful! ( And I love her hiking dress ;) )
  13. H

    LIVE from the Camino O Pedrouzo to Santiago - another wet day

    It's always sunny above the clouds. ;)
  14. H

    Which Jacket?

    I also was in CF in April -May 2022 & walked in light snow on 3 occasions, and due to the late unexpected cold weather, many albergues no longer had their heating on. I was glad of all my puffies, thermals, beanie, gloves & buff, which I even slept in inside my lightweight sleeping bag. At times...
  15. H

    Unusual animal companions

    Be careful walking through Santo Domingo de la Calzada! Hopefully they won't think you've pinched one from the Cathedral!!
  16. H

    Happy 19th Birthday to the Forum!

     Muchas Gracias, Ivar, moderators & contributors. I mostly connect with you all in bed......The forum is my go-to when I wake up & my check-in before sleep, almost every day. I enjoy seeing now familiar names, & getting to have a hint of personalities & senses of humour. Of course there's all...
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    LIVE: in need of bag & gear today in SJPP

    Our love & prayers are with you, mfmarotto & will hopefully reduce the incredible load you must be carrying in your mind & heart.
  18. H

    Butterflies & weeds for you...

    Some VERY much more than others!
  19. H

    Depth on the Camino?

    I love your " Just me and the landscape and 'Him' paragraph. That's the highlight of my Caminos. "Our" conversations go from light hearted, to deep & meaningful, from heart-wrenching sobs, to tears of delight. There is uninterrupted time to to notice & take in His glory in the landscape, the...
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    Surprising myself!

    You are a kindred spirit! 🤣

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