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  1. J

    Re-considering zip-off convertible pants

    Hi Stephen - you might want to explore OR ( Outdoor Research) clothing. Some of the zip off pants had the zip overtop of fabric so to not touch your legs.
  2. J

    Pole Poll

    Yes it is Nordix https://www.nordixx.com/products/nordixx-poles/
  3. J

    Pole Poll

    Used the Nordic poles on all terrain!
  4. J

    Pole Poll

    I have just completed the camino Frances and used my Nordic walking poles the entire way - I used them walking before and know they help me keep a balanced stride, keep my head up and shoulders back. The way you use them does require you to extend your arms. The ones I use are very light...
  5. J

    European SIM - data-only or talk/text?

    Hi - as a fellow Canadian I know about the roaming fees! I purchased an orange travel holiday SIM to use - as I required the ability to phone Canada occasionally. It also allowed me to call my bank in Canada when needed related to changing the third party verification process! I had forgotten...
  6. J

    Lost & Found Lost headlamp Sahagun

    If anyone is passing thru Sahagun and sees a green strap Penzel headlamp - I miss placed it in Sahagun either when I stopped a pharmacy Kevin or when I took a picture of the halfway plaque in the small park near the arch on the way out of town. I am in Bercianos tonight - thanks Jen
  7. IMG_2189.jpeg


    The sheep being herdec
  8. IMG_2204.jpeg


    A time for reflection
  9. IMG_2216.jpeg


    Off to climb
  10. IMG_2242.jpeg


    Roncesvalles in sight
  11. IMG_2174.jpeg


    Sunrise at Orrison
  12. J

    LIVE from the Camino Tomorrow I begin!

    Like many - I can not believe this day is here. Travelling to and exploring SJPD today, going to the pilgrims office, getting over jet lag - are on the agenda with my official start tomorrow! I wanted to say thankyou to the Forum hosts and participants for sharing ….it has been so helpful! I...
  13. J

    Roncesvalles reservation not yet confirmed?

    Many thanks to everyone! It appears all sorted! I received a very quick short response response - Un saludo Edurne and they attached the web page that shows my booking info - so it should all be good! Yipee!
  14. J

    Roncesvalles reservation not yet confirmed?

    Great to hear - I have a screen shot only of the payment page on their booking site - I took it as it showed the amount in Canadian dollars but no other info - so have reached out and am sure it will all get sorted! Excited to be starting walking in a month!
  15. J

    Roncesvalles reservation not yet confirmed?

    Thanks for your info - all I have is a screen shot that showed payment amount in Can dollars from the booking site as well as the charge on the credit card bill! I have sent an email and am sure it will get sorted! Just dotting my i and crossing my ts - as I will be starting off from SJPD in a...
  16. J

    Roncesvalles reservation not yet confirmed?

    Thx- I have sent photos and hope to hear bk! I start my walk in a month today! This Canadian is getting excited! First Camino 🇨🇦😊
  17. J

    Roncesvalles reservation not yet confirmed?

    Many thanks! Will call if I do not get a response to my email w photos…I am sur will all get sorted. As I am stopping first at Orrison (yes Reserved) I will hopefully get in ahead of some starting from SJPD although maybe not as I am a slow walker! Excited I start in a month!
  18. J

    Roncesvalles reservation not yet confirmed?

    @DreamWeaver - very helpful -thank you - no I have not received anything that looks like this! Have send an email to Info@ronces….with screen shots! Just wanting to make sure all is good! Excited to be staying in a month today!

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