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  1. J

    Best apps for the Via Francigena

    All Trails is great too. I did use it to record the walks then play back in the 3d flyover animation, that was a fun to recap the day. I saw some wild pigs in the distance, as we approached Formello, but I most enjoyed them on the plate (Chingale ragu is one of the pleasures of life). Good...
  2. J

    Best apps for the Via Francigena

    Hi, We made a video about the best apps for the Via Francigena, based on our experience. What would you add? Thanks, John
  3. J

    Bag Transport Besancon to Lucca.

    We had a really good experience with Bagsfree for luggage storage in Rome. Nice to have clean (and different) clothes when we arrived.
  4. J

    On the way to Acquapendente, Italy ... Via Francigena

    Nice. That walk to Acquapendente was a little tough on the highway. Here is our journey for that leg:
  5. J

    LIVE from the Camino Our Via Francigena: walking from Lucca

    We made it to Siena and took 2 rest days, to let a bad blister heal (and to enjoy the San Giuseppe festival).
  6. J

    LIVE from the Camino Our Via Francigena: walking from Lucca

    We are walking the VF and capturing it on YouTube:
  7. J

    Walking VF in March

    Hi, We are in Gambassi Terme and the the flowers are just starting to bloom.
  8. J

    App recommendations for the VF

    Hi, We will be walking from Lucca to Rome next month and interested in App recommendations. So far, I have: * The official Via Francigena app * Sloways app (These seem good to have a downloaded map, and use GPS offline to help keep us on the path) * Booking.com * WhatApp (booking &...
  9. J

    2023 Roll Call for Via Francigena

    Hi, My wife and I are planning to complete the VF in April. We completed our "Phase 1" in October, Canterbury to Lausanne (by car, stopping at many churches). For the completion, we are planning to walk from Lucca to Rome. Two Pilgrims
  10. J

    Our Camino Portuguese - May 2022

    Thanks for your kind words. Have a Bom Caminho!
  11. J

    Our Camino Portuguese - May 2022

    Wow, less than 2 weeks. Blessings on your Camino.
  12. J

    Our Camino Portuguese - May 2022

    Here is a wrap-up of our Camino Portuguese starting at Porto. This blog post links to each individual day's post: https://hallowedway.com/our-camino-portuguese-story/ Thanks to all who read the individual posts. After Santiago, we went to Oviedo, Lourdes, Turin, and Milan. We will be writing...
  13. J

    List your pilgrim blog URL here - We want to read your story

    Hi, Here is our blog, The Hallowed Way. We are currently writing about our 2022 Camino Portuguese in a day-by-day format. We've written about Fatima and pilgrimages in Florida. In the near future, will have Lourdes and Turin. Hopefully will be doing the Via Francigena next spring.
  14. J

    Requirements for Crossing into Spain on Foot

    Walk across the bridge. There isn't passport control or anything. Spain and Portugal are part of the same zone, designed to allow free passage back/forth. We recently did the walk ourselves, it's on our blog. Do not walk past the Tui cathedral, it's incredible.

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