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    Washing clothes on the camino

    Thank you for the input! The shower and then clothes wash makes more sense to me! Just didn't understand those who do it in the opposite order.
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    Washing clothes on the camino

    First time Camino coming up for me, and something isn't making sense about the wash procedure. I keep reading about washing your clothes first thing when you arrive at the albergue, and THEN showering......but if you only have 2 sets of clothes, how do you remove your dirty clothes to wash...
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    Pamplona airport to SJPDP April 30, 2023

    Wonderful! I will send you a separate communication to trade contact information.
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    COVID Covid test availability?

    I will be starting my first Camino on May 2, so I don't know how available it actually is on the CF, but my doctor prescribed Paxlovid for me and I have filled it and will take it with me just in case.
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    Duffel or backpack if transporting

    Hola! Leaving on April 29 for my first Camino. We are planning to transport our backpacks each day, and stay in a combination of albergues and hotels. I'm debating whether to bring my gear in a duffel rather than a backpack since we're transporting. It's much harder to get to things in the...
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    Pamplona airport to SJPDP April 30, 2023

    Hello! Looking for a ride share for April 30 from Pamplona airport to SJPDP. Our flight arrives at 1:25 PM. Anyone else coming in about that time and want to share a taxi?
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    Packing cubes or dry bags

    This is the first time I've heard about sometimes needing to leave backpacks at the front door....how often is this the case on the Frances? This will definitely change how I'm organizing if it's more than just occasionally.
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    Ride share from Pamplona to SJPP - April 29 or 30, 2022

    We (2 of us) get in to Pamplona April 30 at 1:25, if you are willing/able to wait until afternoon.
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    Thoughts on “Santiago - the Camino within”

    I saw the movie last night, and agree with all that's been said about the quality of the film. There are a number of other movies about the Camino that I believe capture the beauty, camaraderie and overall essence much better. I would definitely not recommend this one. I left before the Q&A...
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    Baggage Transfer

    Thank you for this! Do I need to arrange in advance for transport with Express Bourricot? I'm pretty sure the others (caminofacil, correas, etc) can be arranged on the spot at the albergue/hotel.
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    Baggage Transfer

    Correos doesn't mention SJPDP or Orisson in their service area. I can't tell if Caminofacil or Jacotrans serve those two towns.....can anyone confirm that we will be able to get baggage transfer between SJPDP and Orisson, and then Orisson to Roncesvalles? Many thanks!
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    Medical emergencies on the trail

    Thank you for this.... it's very comforting to know that others are there to help when it's needed.
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    Medical emergencies on the trail

    I had a hard time pulling up a blank form 1500 at first, but finally found one that didn't have SAMPLE stamped across it. Got the dental one very easily. Thanks so much for this info!
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    Medical emergencies on the trail

    This is very comforting, thank you so much!!
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    Medical emergencies on the trail

    Hi John, my Medicare Advanatage plan is with Alignment Health Plan, however this is not something you purchase just for a trip, it's my regular medical insurance plan.
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    Medical emergencies on the trail

    I understand that regular Medicare does NOT cover out of the US. However, I have a Medicare Advantage plan that covers $25,000 for medical events overseas. I have chosen to purchase an additional travel medical policy because I want to be protected for more.
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    Medical emergencies on the trail

    This is very comforting to know....thank you!
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    Medical emergencies on the trail

    Thank you Bradypus, that's good to know!
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    Medical emergencies on the trail

    Hola! I will be walking my first Camino (the Frances) starting on May 1. I'm wondering about the availability of medical help should an urgent medical situation arise on the Camino Frances on the trail between towns, and in the very small towns? Thanks for any input!
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    What book defines 'off stage'?

    Thanks for referring me to the older posts. I did try to search this before asking, and for some reason, the old posts didn't come up. Sorry to rehash an old topic. I love this site - it's been so helpful as I prepare for my first Camino. Thank you for making it available!

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