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  1. jfgough

    How long is the Meseta?

    I walked the CF in September and October. I was in the meseta in Mod September and It was possibly my favorite part of the Camino. The weather was good, sometimes a bit hot in the afternoons. It is certainly not all flat, not boring. The is a sign along the way which says "Without the meseta...
  2. jfgough

    Orisson & Borda

    I was fortunate to book at Borda, but had a friend who took a taxi back to SJPDP. Seems like a good option.
  3. jfgough

    Gortex or No -Gortex Shoes

    Great question. After reading a lot of information about Camino and Appalachian Trail hikers I opted for Hoka ATR 6 trail runners for my CF last fall. I also wore wool socks every day. After rainy days, including the big flood on September 2nd, I took my insoles out every night to allow my shoes...
  4. jfgough

    Where is this

    It's Redecilla del Camino. It's on the sculpture, easier to see in your second picture. I have the same picture
  5. jfgough

    A little rant about entitlement

    Hopefully the local clientele do not care about poor reviews and will patronize this local business. I was a bit grumpy a few times when I was hungry or thirsty and nothing was open. I just mumble to myself about my poor planning. We are merely visitors in their town.
  6. jfgough

    Wright socks ( almost)

    I walked the CF last year with Wright socks and Darn Tough. Both were comfortable in hot and cold weather. The only downside I found with Wright socks is that they took longer to dry than my wool Darn Tough socks.
  7. jfgough

    Madrid to Pamplona

    I arrived in Madrid from the US at about 6:30 am. I booked a train from Atocha to Pamplona around 1030 to give myself time to get through arrivals and get to Atocha. Realistically I could have taken an earlier train since it didn't take too long to get through customs and get to Atocha. I slept...
  8. jfgough

    How the Camino can change your life: Personal experiences and expectations

    I went without expectations, other than having a big adventure and to challenge myself. The biggest advantage is that you have hours and hours to think while you walk. As you walk in a vast landscape you may feel how small you and your problems are in the grand scheme of the world. This doesn't...
  9. jfgough

    A long (winding) road.

    I took loads of photos, this perspective was one of my favorites. This was my first, just before I reached Auberge Borda, looking back towards SJPdP.
  10. jfgough

    eSIM card questions

    If you have a newer smartphone you can upload an esim. This allows you to switch between your current carrier and the international esim while abroad. I used this on my CF last fall. If you're unfamiliar with this process, you can find great information online. Buen suerte y buen Camino!
  11. jfgough

    What's with the big bulls on the hills?

    Yes, advert for Osborne brandy!
  12. jfgough

    Auberge Borda

    I stayed there last August. It is very nice and the owner Lorenzo is a great host. Book early.
  13. jfgough

    Carry-on packs

    I carried my 36L Osprey pack from Charlottesville through Charlotte with no issues. I didn't bring my poles. I bought poles in Pamplona and checked everything for my return flight.
  14. jfgough

    Camino Meseta.

    The meseta was a beautiful place. I walked the meseta in September, so I was spared the intense heat. Other than some long stretches between my Kaz and croissant breaks, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
  15. jfgough

    Listening to Music/Audiobooks/Podcasts while making the pilgrimage?

    Everyone has their own approach to walking the Camino. I felt like listening to anything other than the ambient sounds of the world around me would detract from my experience. I enjoyed the sounds of the path beneath my feet, the sounds of the villages,the animals, the wind, etc. I wasn't even...
  16. jfgough

    Locals Only

    I think our expectations, myself included, are that we are special and feel that we should be acknowledged. I don't mean this in a pejorative way. As many have pointed out, what we experience is amazing, but to the locals, it's just life. I lived in a town where scads of tourists flock to the...
  17. jfgough

    My Camino de Santiago: Reflections and a Heart Opened

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. I walked the Frances this fall, ending on 7 October. I experienced much of your feelings during my Camino. The time alone to reflect, the satisfaction of enduring physical challenges and the sheer joy of being there, step by step. I too had time to...
  18. jfgough

    Searching for a camino buddy May 2024!

    I think that you received a lot of great feedback to your answer already. May I add my thoughts. You will discover your own pace, comfort and safety level. You will meet many amazing people who will come and go during your Camino. Everyone has their own plans for how far to walk, where to stay...
  19. jfgough

    possible town to stop in between Los Arcos and Najera

    We walked through Vianna and wished we had stayed there.

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