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  1. NicP

    Can you convince me NOT to take paper copies?

    I agree entirely with @C clearly and @J Willhaus - a few pieces of paper weigh almost nothing, can be packaged in a way that protects them, and provides a little reassurance. I’m all for leaving the unwanted baggage (literal and metaphorical) behind, but still, this seems very reasonable to me...
  2. NicP

    HOKA warning

    I used New Balance trail runners too. They worked well, lasted for the camino francés from SJPDP, still going.
  3. NicP

    To shave or not to shave

    I quite liked not shaving, and then stopping at a barber shop about half way through and again at the end of my Camino (via de la plata)…. I’d probably have left it just for the end if it hadn’t been for my dislike of coffee in my moustache…. It feels like a fitting way to treat oneself for...
  4. NicP

    Is less .... more? - Pilgrim footwear

    The "no shoes"advice might be great for a young person who is still in good shape, but what about us slightly older and worn out people, who have already damaged knees and spines and other bits and pieces (possibly from years of wearing these shoes).... it seems to me that the cushioning in the...
  5. NicP

    Staying dry in Oct. Options needed

    I took a large plastic garbage bag to line my backpack with - it kept everything dry in the spring rain in Galicia, It was light enough, and I was away long enough, that I took a spare one with me just in case my cheap garbage bag got a hole in it - it never happened.
  6. NicP

    Is carrying your own backpack a thing of the past?

    Honestly, I don't think you can necessarily know what's in somebody's heart, even by speaking to them. There is no guarantee that they will honestly share with you their motivations or hopes, especially if they feel that they may be being judged. Which, if the nature of some of these posts is...
  7. NicP

    Is carrying your own backpack a thing of the past?

    Each to their own indeed. Personally, I don't think that it is passé to carry one's backpack, if it is a possibility. Being fit, health and mentally capable, I would personally feel that not carrying my backpack the whole way would be a bit of a cop out - I also feel that way about taking...
  8. NicP

    Are Trail Runners good?

    I wore New Balance Leadville trail runners this year from Seville to Santiago via Astorga, and then on to Finisterre Just over 1100km in 40 days - zero blisters or foot problems. I also have dodgy knees, so was fairly worried about getting the correct footwear for me. You might get more...

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