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  1. KiwiNomad06

    Am I being naive?

    Congrats DMSyracuse. Glad you reached Santiago, and were happy with the experience. Best wishes for wherever post-Camino life takes you! Margaret
  2. KiwiNomad06

    Am I being naive?

    DMSyracuse, you will be fine- just make sure you break those shoes in well. And do be prepared for the possibility of cold/wet weather at that time. (Think layers in terms of clothing.) Even if you don't get snow, you might get some awfully cold winds, especially on the Meseta, which is at a...
  3. KiwiNomad06

    Class of 2015

    OK I am going to weigh in on this thread, though I am not heading to Santiago in this instance ;-) In April I will be walking for ten days on some of the pilgrimage routes of St Francis near Assisi. (And this time my luggage will be carried for me, and my accommodation booked.) I have had a...
  4. KiwiNomad06

    Winter Camino

    Johnnie Walker has some info on his blog about walking he did on the Camino Frances in winter. http://www.johnniewalker-santiago.blogspot.co.nz/search/label/Winter%20Camino You get a particularly good look at conditions he experienced via his YouTube slideshow:
  5. KiwiNomad06

    Planning to walk Le Puy - are there any safety concerns for solo females?

    I walked the Le Puy route as a solo female and never had any moments where I was fearful about personal safety. I did have a phone second time round though, and had some friends - met first time around!- that I knew I could ring if I was lost/injured/ in any kind of trouble. And that eased my...
  6. KiwiNomad06

    Albergue rating

    Just above, a little to the right, of each thread title. Look for the yellow stars- then the link on albergues. Margaret
  7. KiwiNomad06

    Deodorant/ funky smells en route?

    I think most people carried deodorant whatever forum packing lists might say. People generally like to have a good clean up after a sweaty or wet or tiring day on the trail! Margaret
  8. KiwiNomad06

    Wifi in Aubergues??

    A few albergues have wifi but not many. The albergue in Astorga that you reach at the top of the hill when you walk into the city had it last year when I was there, funded by the local authority. But you often find free wifi in restaurants and bars. Sometimes they advertise it on the door, and...
  9. KiwiNomad06

    To FlechaCadaDia- Brad

    Brad, I sent you a reply to your earlier query about the Cluny route. Perhaps you don't know how to access it, but it should be sitting in your Inbox part of the Private Message section. It is still sitting in my OUtbox so I can see you haven't read it... I have just sent a reply to your second...
  10. KiwiNomad06

    Train/Bus stations on the first 6 days on Le Puy Route

    Last year I got to Aumont-Aubrac via nights in Montbonnet, Monistrol d'Allier, La Clauze, a farm after Le Rouget, then Aumont-Aubrac. A Frenchwoman walking with her school-aged son who had limited time, walked as far as La Clauze. Then they got up very early to walk to Le Sauvage, from where...
  11. KiwiNomad06

    These boots were made for walking!

    Buen Camino, and may those boots also help your feet fly occasionally! All the best to you both when you celebrate your 42nd wedding anniversary. Margaret
  12. KiwiNomad06


    There was a day in 2008 when I was walking in France towards Cahors when it became really hot, and the walk was more remote, longer and more waterless than I was expecting. I ran out of water and a French couple I had met the night before knew I had no water left. They stopped and talked to some...
  13. KiwiNomad06

    Hello!! starting astorga mid may-camino passport

    I got a credential in Astorga at the municipal albergue- the one at the top of the hill as you are entering Astorga when you are walking in. They just recorded a few details in a big ledger.... Margaret
  14. KiwiNomad06

    Hello Everyone!

    Welcome to the Forum Cookie. Your Camino might seem a long way off, but it will come around before you know it! All the best with your planning and preparation. Margaret
  15. KiwiNomad06

    Camino Frances, End of May vs September?

    I left SJPP at the end of May in 2008, and arrived in Santiago at the beginning of July. Maybe I was lucky, and we missed the 'waves' of people, but we never had any problems getting a bed. (The only day the crowds nearly drove me insane was the day leaving from Sarria for Portomarin, but I...
  16. KiwiNomad06

    Glad I did that...Wish I hadn't

    I was Glad: - I took along a little bag of 'inspiration' on my first Camino- with songs, quotes etc. I used to use a few each day in my pocket, to bring out when I felt the need. I gradually discarded them as my Camino progressed so the little bag got lighter and lighter. (Interestingly, second...
  17. KiwiNomad06

    Losing my dad while on El Camino

    I am sorry to read about your Dad's death. It must have been very hard news to hear while you were so far away from home on the Camino. I am sure that many of those you had met already on the Camino will be carrying your Dad with them to Santiago- and one day I hope you are able to return to...
  18. KiwiNomad06

    Introduction: Christine to begin her pilgrimage in one week

    Christine, you are clearly used to carrying a tent, but my advice would still be to leave it at home, unless you really want to sleep 'alone' cheaply. There are lots of accommodation options, so carrying one is unnecessary, and the lighter your pack is, the easier the journey will feel...
  19. KiwiNomad06

    Introducing Bernie and Graham

    Bernie and Graham, Greetings from a fellow Kiwi:-) I just want to suggest that you might find it cheaper to post your gear ahead once you are in Europe. There is a post office in SJPP- and though you would still be paying an 'international' rate to post from there, I imagine it would have to be...
  20. KiwiNomad06

    Realistic km to walk per day

    Tammy, I am a similar age, and it took me 14 days from Leon to Santiago in 2008. My body was walking-fit but tired by that stage. There are a couple of climbs en route- to Cruz de Ferro and O'Cebreiro. You might be fine, or you might want to make your daily required distance a little shorter...

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