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  1. OzAnnie

    LIVE from the Camino Starting the Camino del Norte January 30th 2024

    Wow … so much snow on the Norte … Certainly makes sense to take a rest day - take care of yourself. It looks like it’s well deserved. Ps. In the pics the snow looks heavenly but that’s looking at it from afar (here in Oz). Buen camino.
  2. OzAnnie

    SJPdP one night or two?

    Welcome MarkS Have you been to Paris before ? If not - and you’ve got time - enjoy ❤️ at least a day there. Bayonne is a really lovely place to visit. If you’re flying into Paris and have seen Paris ., then get to Bayonne and spend some time there and sleep there. Next day - the short...
  3. OzAnnie

    poems for seekers

    Take care ❤️. None of us want to give up ..
  4. OzAnnie

    LIVE from the Camino A and B on the Via de Bayona

    @Takahiwai Hi to A & B. Wow … weather !!! What a start. I’m hoping it blows over soon for you both and will be very interested in your journey. Buen camino.
  5. OzAnnie

    A million questions

    Russ In Oz (at least over here in the east) ., we call them Portuguese tarts. You can find them most places. Yum. 😋. Not that I would say they measure up to the original from Portugal.
  6. OzAnnie

    What are most people finding as the daily expense of a 2-3 month Camino walk?

    And even more ‘nuts’ is that checking the link out - one of the ‘tour’ dates is already SOLD OUT …. No doubt the botafumeiro will swing in Santiago if they are paying this exorbitant amount …. Surely it will guaranteed at that price. Crazy $$$
  7. OzAnnie

    Food and Drink Between Ponferrada and Quiroga/San Clodio

    By any chance Bad Pilgrim., was your stop (cheesecake and coffee) ….. the same place we stopped in Bendillo in October last year. ? Her name ‘Ana’ - she is seated on the left in the pic. We are the 2 at the end partaking of food and drink. A Local man sitting opposite. Ana told us that...
  8. OzAnnie

    A long (winding) road.

    You could edit that post 🤪🤪??? If it indeed turned out to be much tamer than you expected ?
  9. OzAnnie

    Accommodation from Malaga

    Hi Tommy I’m wondering like @mick53 whether you’d thought of starting from Almeria. Where the amigos will help you find accommodation and support you to Granada. You could have a look at a new Mozárabe thread ‘also starting from Malaga ; just posted by @jpflavin1 who is planning to...
  10. OzAnnie

    Comment by 'OzAnnie' in media 'Alto del Perdon'

    Great result achieved with this pic ( assuming it was one shared by the French tourists ).. it’s good to get a nice pic like this when walking alone.
  11. OzAnnie

    Starting Mozarabe in Malaga 4/2024

    Hi Joe Our forum member @AJGuillaume has walked the Mozárabe starting at all 3 starting points (Almería , Jaén, & Malaga) over recent times … and has posted a lot of info that would help with your questions. Except possibly ?? the sleeping arrangements in Malaga (where they have family...
  12. OzAnnie

    LIVE from the Camino Almería to?

    Wow Sue - a long day of walking for you. What time did you set out ? Some of those trails (up/down) (although lovingly prepared for us ; with helpful switchbacks ) are quite daunting - they were for me on my own anyway. I will be interested to hear how your daytime temps are from here...
  13. OzAnnie

    LIVE from the Camino Almería to?

    Good to see you’re on the way - yay. Very happy for you. Smart move to hold tight to the warm gear for the moment … Buen camino
  14. OzAnnie

    Two weeks on the Camino ANYWHERE in Spain

    Sounding like you’re aware that The Sanabrés which starts in Granja de Moreruela is the perfect fit. To shorten by a day - start at Tabara which is accessible by bus from Zamora. Buen camino.
  15. OzAnnie

    Decathlon backpack

    I say ‘good for you ‘. This will mean you’ll be better placed to be generous on the camino… to yourself and to donativos. Much more worthy recipients than airlines. Buen camino. Ps. Hat off to you getting your weight low. It’s always difficult not to take ‘just in case’… 🤪🤪.
  16. OzAnnie

    It's unbelievably hot here!

    You are getting the hot stuff in the west Paul. We’re getting very high humidity but lower 30’s on the east coast., accompanied by some scary storms here and there (thunder and lightening and hail ).. It’s looking lovely on the Vdlp and Mozárabe though ❤️
  17. OzAnnie

    Having stuff posted to collection point

    If you’re making any hotel bookings where you would like to collect your parcel., an idea would be to message your ‘booking establishment’ directly and ask if they could hold for you until your “ date of arrival “. I’m not sure how long correos will hold parcels but they used to do this ...
  18. OzAnnie

    LIVE from the Camino On the Mozarabe: A beautiful and sometimes challenging route

    Thankyou -it’s a wonderful account on your ‘find penguins ‘. I’m following ❤️❤️ 🙏
  19. OzAnnie

    LIVE from the Camino Damien on the Mozárabe

    Hi @Damien Reynolds I’m wondering if you’ve time to add your thoughts on your camino after Córdoba to Mérida on the mozárabe. ? The weather you enjoyed up to Córdoba looked perfect. I’m interested in any terrain that you thought could prove difficult for an oldie with problem joints ? Are...
  20. OzAnnie

    Not everyone happy about pilgrim/tourist pressure.

    I’m wondering if you’ve noticed this shadow ? Pics (2) were taken at 12.53pm (midday) 20 Oct 2023. Below the cathedral steps. I was taking a pic of the shell in the pic and later noticed the shadow.. Re the pilgrim shadow. We (I’m with @El Cascayal / she’s in yellow jacket ) had our...

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