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    what was your most expensive "unscheduled" cost

    Hostal la Coruna in Astorga, 50 euros for a room! But it rained, I was totally wet. But a bit off peregrina tears did wonders, and I got the room for 35 euros. Beautifull room with a rainshower and.........towels! Big white towels!
  2. H

    The Change

    This touched my heart! Thank you for sharing.
  3. H

    Norway attacks

    Dear Ivar, So happy to hear that none off your family is involved in this big tragedy. God bless them all, and they are in my prayers!
  4. H

    la voie lactee

    Hello Andy, Thank you for sharing! I didn't know they called The Camino "The Milky Way".
  5. H

    Am I crazy or does this happen to all peregrinos?

    Dear Elizabeth, Just go for it! It will all work out! Remember... The Camino will provide. Pack light! You don't need a lot of stuff. Just think of yourself as the woman who is going to turn her head to the west and tell yourself that you can do it, and then do it!!! Buen Camino.
  6. H

    The Way (a poem)

    Did you wrote this yourself? It is beautiful!!! I keep thinking about it.
  7. H

    El camino del Rey

    Aaaaaahhhhhhh, what a walk! I think you definetely need the help from God to survive this :D Wauw...
  8. H

    The Way (a poem)

    Wauw......it touched my heart!
  9. H

    What now....

    Thank you all very much! All these responses are, I think, based on the same feeling. The feeling that you have to let go. But like we all know the Camino stays with us from now on. I definitely feel better! Thanks to you all!
  10. H

    What now....

    Thanks very much you all, I think if I am going to plan my next Camino my husband will get a fitt! He already suffers from Camino Fatigues. I am more concerned how to relate to the people I have met. I have the urge to want to talk to them every week. And afcourse that is not possible.... As...
  11. H

    What now....

    Dear All, On the 4th of May I arrived in Santiago, ending my Camino. I had a wonderful time and it was the biggest achievement I have ever done. I felt so proud and happy. Now being home for 6 weeks I am having a lot of trouble giving this Camino a place in my life. The contact with...
  12. H

    We all were there

    Dear Beverly, I was moved by your message. I am just a pilgrim to be, since I am going to leave the 16th of april. But I feel like a pilgrim already, because of this forum! Than you Beverly!
  13. H

    Lovely Poem

  14. H

    LIVE from the Camino Live from the Camino - in more ways than one!!

    Wow! Really wonderful! Thank you Sil. I could not stop watching! But...have to go to work. Hedwig
  15. H


    Hello Dorothy! I found your story very emotional! had tears in my eyes! I wish for you that you will have a happy, wishfull, save and forfilling camino! Buen Camino Dorothy! Hedwig
  16. H

    On choosing an appropriate backpack for your camino

    Uuuuuuuh! What is this? Yes Ivar, that's gonna be some party! Hedwig
  17. H

    How did I decide to do it?

    Hello Margaret, (I believe this is your name, if not I am sorry) Have been reading this information! Great and wonderful at the same time! Thank you very much! And do you think that this all was a coincidence? Hedwig
  18. H


    Amen to Falcon! Greetings from Holland
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    Happy Birthday, Ivar

    Hello Ivar, However to late: Van Harte Gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag! Many more years and God bless! Greetings from Holland

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