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    Planning Portuguese Coastal 😄

    Apologies in writing this twice !
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    Planning Portuguese Coastal 😄

    From a fit 78 year old Aussie who did this walk in that horrible heatwave in July Including the Variant Spiritual into Monasteria . From there Villanova de Arousa and the boat ride to Padron was wonderful. Highlights Oia , Baiona , Pontevedra and the walk to Combaro to Monasteria challenging ...
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    Solo female Camino Frances from October 20th. Guidance welcome!

    Walked alone all of October 2014 , weather was perfect and always had walkers behind and in front of me . You will be fine embrace it .
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    Hopping Again - Primitivo 1 May 2022

    Look forward to hearing about your walk, I'm hoping for a late May start ....2014 St Jean to SDE C and 2019 Le Puy to Cahors..... .Garry from Newcastle
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    Priest needing advice on first Camino

    The challenge is there please do it . Think of the healthth benifits you will get in adopting regular cardio training. If I was one of your parishioners I would be inspired by your walk . At 55 you are young and should be allocating time each day in your busy schedule to maintain a healthy body...
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    Camino Frances Sept/Oct 2019

    Hi There from Aussie , I walked 2014 from St Jean to SDC starting October 1 and finished October 31 weather absolutely perfect with only 1 day rain . I think although I have run marathons and very fit at 74 one of the hardest things I've ever done was to walk St Jean to Roncevallous first day...

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