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    Anyone using a Drone?

    I think less is probably more when it comes to gadgets on pilgrimage walks. I realise that some people are on an artistic quest, but a bit of discretion would be good. I remember feeling it was quite invasive when people walked by with loud boom boxes on the trail. Happy trails.
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    Merino Wool Care

    The very thin ‘teccy’ fabric Icebreaker tee shirts do get holes, but I use some of that iron on patch fabric.
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    How did/do you carry your iPad/tablet/valuables???

    My Sea to Summit daypack wound up being my pack at times. They are just terrific. I just used my phone for photos and blog.
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    Help selecting Boots for our Walk.

    Thank you, that's helpful. I have some called 'breathable' waterproof socks, but feel reluctant to wear them in summer and will try them out in winter.
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    Help selecting Boots for our Walk.

    Hi, I just was curious about your take on waterproof socks. They are popular here in Britain where we get the odd drop of rain. I haven't worn them enough to know if I would pack them for a long walk. Have you worn them?
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    Help selecting Boots for our Walk.

    Thanks, I might try this. Do you know if all the Salomon GTX trail runners have rock plates? Alternatively, I might try New Balance again as they always fitted me well in the past. I would like to lose some of the weight of the boots, but the soles on these boots are amazingly comfortable on...
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    Help selecting Boots for our Walk.

    I walked in the lightest salomon boots which were great. I have Salomon trail runners ( I like non-goretex as they are cooler) and they are great for shorter walks. However, I found the surfaces of the Camino quite hard and was grateful for the extra protection of the boots' soles. I would...
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    What to wear in bed?

    I agree, most things should have a dual purpose. The merino top was also for cold days - there was snow at the beginning. The merino leggings were worn every evening under a skirt.
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    Number of shoes to take (and underwear and other stuff...)

    Everyone told me to take flipflops for the showers. I didn't and they wouldn't have helped as they would have been too slippy and my feet were submerged in the water sometimes as the showers don't always drain. I walked in my boots everyday, taking out the liners to air at night. The boots...
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    What to wear in bed?

    I suppose it depends when you are walking. In May I wore Merino leggings and long sleeved top. They were black and top was my husband's, so loose and I felt discrete enough to scuttle to the loo at night.. People are pretty impervious to what you are wearing at night.
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    About to buy my shoes.

    I have the Salomon Ultra X shoes and they are great, but I was so glad I wore the lightest Salomon boots instead. Definitely feel that the sturdier, thicker soles protected my feet and were a dream to walk in. The terrain on the Camino is quite a hard surface, even the bits that aren't tarmac...
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    Urgent footwear question

    I have walked the Camino Frances and gone trekking & backpacking inthe Alps in new boots with no blisters appearing. On this recent trip I wore the lightest ones Salomon make and was very glad to have the extra sturdiness on the soles because I found the terrain quite a hard surface for a...
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    Walking Poles

    I have walked in the Alps and the Pyrenees over the years without poles. However, I started Nordic walking a couple of years ago and now I love using the poles in the mountains. I found them very useful on the descents particularly and I have heard they take up to 30% of the pressure off the...
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    packing list

    I used a large lightweight cotton scarf for a towel. It was easy to wash and dry, so could be used for sun protection on my neck as well.
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    First Camino Gear Questions (Hoka One One, Socks, Pacer Poles, Sea to Summit Spark SPII)

    I would think twice about culling the gloves. I left Saint Jean on 25th April and my hands were becoming quite painful from the cold before I put my gloves on. It was snowing and seriously cold higher up. All the best on your Camino.
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    First Camino Gear Questions (Hoka One One, Socks, Pacer Poles, Sea to Summit Spark SPII)

    Hi Elisha, I don't know what happened, but my reply seems to be attached to the bottom of the orange box with your post. ??

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