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  1. Jflampert

    Places to stay in o pino

    I have stayed at the Casa Tia Teresa in Salceda during my last 3 Caminos and highly recommend it. They have reasonably priced private rooms and the food and service is excellent. It is a relaxing walk into Santiago for the last leg of the CF after a peaceful night...
  2. Jflampert

    Camino Ingles for a newbie

    Easy to do in your time frame. I had a few days available after walking the CF from SJPDPin October 2019. Had no plan on days but actually finished in 3 days (68 at that time). Walked long stretches without seeing another pilgrim and then other times with large school groups that filled...
  3. Jflampert

    Auberge Borda

    I have stayed there twice and have booked again for this September. The host Laurent is super and goes above and beyond to make the stay quite relaxing. The beds and facilities are quite comfortable and the pilgrims dinner is fantastic. We normally take the noon bus from Pamplona to SJPDP and...
  4. Jflampert


    I normally walk the Camino Frances in the fall and truly enjoy seeing the sights of the harvest season. I am currently walking the Camino Frances and have to say that the wild flowers, especially the vast fields of poppes, are absolutely stunning. If you have not walked during this time of the...
  5. Jflampert

    A September or October Camino Ingles?

    I walked it in October 2019 and had a wonderful time. The weather was great but being Galicia, plan for rain. No trouble with accommodations and ran into only a handful of pilgrims each day. A very relaxing Camino after completing the Frances a couple of days prior. Easy to get to Ferrol...
  6. Jflampert

    Spare pair of shoes?

    As mentioned, an extra pair of shoes isn't necessary as there are numerous places to purchase shoes, unless you need size 13+. It is difficult to find large shoes in Spain and unfortunately, my shoes seam to break down before reaching Santiago (Altras, Hokas, Brooks on previous Caminos), but...
  7. Jflampert

    Borda Albergue Services ?

    My wife and I stayed there in 2019 and will do so again next month. Laurent runs a fantastic operation and I highly recommed staying there. He goes above and beyond in providing a caring and relaxing experience. As previously mentioned, breakfast and dinner are excellent. When departing in...
  8. Jflampert

    Lengthen Camino Ingles?

    I walked the Ingles in October 2019 and had a great time. Most of the larger towns along the route have tourist offices that provide great assistance. There are plenty of lodging opportunities along the way except as previously mentioned near Burma. The albergue there was great with a good...
  9. Jflampert

    Where to stay the night before Santiago....?

    My wife and I also spent the night at Casa Tia Teresa and it was wonderful. The owners are great host and made our last night on the way memorable. The gentleman is an an absolute hoot who takes great pride in recreating you face in the foam of a cafe con leche. We will defintely spend the...
  10. Jflampert

    Compostela Update

    Just finished another great Camino and obtaining my Compostela couldn't have been easier or faster. Simply had to scan the the QPR code on the sign outside of the Pilgrim's Center, enter my data and then walked right in and got my Compestela. I arrived around 3:45 p.m. and walked out before...
  11. Jflampert

    SJPDP (28 Sep) --> Santiago

    Hope to meet up with you. I retired from Pike and have many friends in Brownsburg and Carmel. My brother was formerly the pastor at St. Malachy. We have a direct flight from JFK to Madrid and arrive at 10:20 on the 26th. We then take the train to Pamplona and then spend the night at the...
  12. Jflampert

    SJPDP (28 Sep) --> Santiago

    My wife and I are formerly from Indianapolis and are My wife and I are originally from Indianapolis (and retired educator) and have similar plans. We travel from JFK to Madrid on September 25th and then train to Pamplona and taxi on to SJPDP to begin our Camino on the 28th. Hope to see you...
  13. Jflampert

    God willing I will begin the Camino Frances in SJPDP on September 26th. Many thanks to...

    God willing I will begin the Camino Frances in SJPDP on September 26th. Many thanks to everyone's posts over the past year and a half in keeping the excitement of the Camino alive.
  14. Jflampert

    Virtual tour in 360° off the flowers in the Keukenhof , Lisse (the Netherlands)

    Thanks for sharing the video of a magical place. Was there last spring and hope to return again next year in conjunction with another camino.
  15. Jflampert

    Frances in 27 days?

    You should not have any problems. I am 65 and just finished the Camino from SJPDP last week in what I considered a leisurely 23 days. You might have to walk an hour or two more each day but the scenery can be breathtaking and quite enjoyable. Several pilgrims I encountered along the way took...
  16. Jflampert

    Second Camino

    Thanks to everyone for taking the time to share ideas on the Camino. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading everthing the past few months and k ow that I will have a great journey. I depart Washington DC on 24 September and have flights, buses and trains set all the way to St. Jean to begin my...

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