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  1. Stephen Nicholls

    Warning to Women Walking Solo

    Each camino I walk is my "final" one, Laurie! On this one, I shall turn 80 on 22nd Feb. I'm only walking for 2 weeks, so won't reach SdC, but plan to return next year to complete it..... oh! no! I can't if its my "final" one !!! 😄.
  2. Stephen Nicholls

    Warning to Women Walking Solo

    I can only say it worked on the wild packs in Castellon. But it's in my luggage now!
  3. Stephen Nicholls

    Warning to Women Walking Solo

    Hi again, Sparrow! Well, I planned to walk some time after you....but I simply can't wait that long, and fly to Lisbon tomorrow!!! Enjoy your camino. S. x
  4. Stephen Nicholls

    Portugues or Frances?

    Do you prefer a busy camino with plenty of other pilgrims to become your waking companions? If so, opt for the Frances. Do you prefer peace and tranquility? Then the Portuguese is for you. Whichever you choose .... enjoy!
  5. Stephen Nicholls

    Ponte de Lima to Caminha Route?

    That sounds like the standard Costa route: should be well signed. I'm walking some of it in a fortnight's time. Porto to Matosinhos 12 km Matosinhos to Angeiras 12 kms Angeiras to Póvoa de Varzim 15kms Póvoa de Varzim to Estela 10 kms Estela to Esposende (Marinhas) 14 kms Marinhas to Viana do...
  6. Stephen Nicholls

    train from Lisbon to Porto?

    I need the low calorie pasteis, Albertinho. I've lost 13 kgms and don't want to put it all back on before I leave Porto :) I'll be thinking of you and Nel....
  7. Stephen Nicholls

    Warning to Women Walking Solo

    Am off in a fortnight! OK OK I know it's only February! Couldn't wait any longer! I think it should be fine, and slightly cooler than in August! :)
  8. Stephen Nicholls

    train from Lisbon to Porto?

    Useful information I hope to be taking the train from Lisbon on the morning of 15th February up to Porto....
  9. Stephen Nicholls

    Warning to Women Walking Solo

    I always take a "dog dazer" which emits a high frequency noise which humans can't hear, but dogs run away...
  10. Stephen Nicholls

    Is this ok?

    Greetings, Doug! I'm walking that Camino in 3 weeks time. I plan to take the river/coastal path to Matoshinos. It's a few Kms longer, but prettier [I guess!] If the river and ocean winds are too cold, I'll move to the internal camino - even though I walked it in 2011!! Bom caminho, amigo!
  11. Stephen Nicholls

    Just seen you on the new "Members Map" - well, I think it's new! Good to see someone else in...

    Just seen you on the new "Members Map" - well, I think it's new! Good to see someone else in East Anglia! Greetings from Eyke, near Woodbridge!
  12. Stephen Nicholls

    What are YOUR Favourite Spanish Words?

    The words I tend to use most: "Estoy perdido... donde es ...." [I'm lost. Where is ......"] ;)
  13. Stephen Nicholls

    Portugues or Frances?

    You're welcome to check my web site - diaries for 5 Caminos. Next month [February] I fly to Lisbon, train to Porto, then start walking the Portuguese Coastal. I shall be 80 years old during the camino! You're going to have a wonderful experience, Snowglobe! Ultreia y susteia! [or however they...
  14. Stephen Nicholls

    Strange figures.

    They are amazing gargoyles. We have them on many medieval churches in England. But I have no idea why they should be on that building - unless it was once a church?
  15. Stephen Nicholls

    Walking from Vigo

    Agree completely, Antonius! It has now reached the stage where I always plan to AVOID the last 100 kms: which is really very sad.
  16. Stephen Nicholls

    Wa. Post Article lists Camino as one of the world's most crowded tourist destinations

    Folk often ask why I don't walk a pilgrim route in England, instead of in Spain. I always tell them - if you can guarantee a temperature around 23 degs C, plus pilgrim hotels with en-suite B & B for £20, then I might consider it! But that will never happen!
  17. Stephen Nicholls

    August Pilgrims please help: Unguento still available?

    Wow! Four years ago, and apparently no replies?! My comment will not be helpful, as I have never heard of, nor seen, that medication. Nidarosa - did you manage to find a source of easy supply? Did you walk any more caminos? Please don't think the forum is ignoring you!!! I wish you another...
  18. Stephen Nicholls

    I didn't walk the whole Camino Ingles....

    Lovely drawings! A truly lasting memory of the camino. Don't despair .... always walk at your own pace. I often caused companions to stop and wait for me until I realised it was better to do it by myself, at my own pace ... and maybe meet up with my "camino family" in the evenings. Theresa - I...
  19. Stephen Nicholls

    Beggars and human trafficking in SdC

    Not quite sure what you mean by "an alternative method of assisting". I sometimes offer food rather than money. But I dread to think what the ringleaders might do to "beggars" who eventually took no money hoome. It's a sad world, and I pray for all of them - the 'beggars' as well as the ringleaders.
  20. Stephen Nicholls

    Coastal path from Porto to Vila do Conde

    Have lost your e-mail after computer crash. Please e-mail: s.nicholls@gmx.co.uk Thanks Albertinho y Nel!!

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