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  1. MilaChernii

    Best day of the week to begin in Porto, September

    I'm starting this Saturday from Porto :)
  2. MilaChernii

    October against Pilgrims?

    Thank all of you for each answer that pushed me either to actions (bought the poncho) or to emotional exhale) I will share after all how it was, for sure. Already super excited and can't wait it. 😇
  3. MilaChernii

    October against Pilgrims?

    Hi, dear pilgrims! I decided not to overthink and just sending this request to the most welcoming and warm community. I am gonna have my first Camino, starting from Porto on Sep 30th, going Coastal - Central (half&half). So, reading all threads, I feel like a chicken 🐣 a bit, as still have...
  4. MilaChernii

    No Monbus service in October??

    Hi, pilgrims! I will watch this thread to know updates about the bus. I also have a plan to go to Muxia and Fisterra, but I'm in the mood to go wit the flow. Can it happen that i still will have energy and motivation to walk 3 days more... who knows))
  5. MilaChernii

    Possible last minute-ish Camino Portugues September/October this year

    Hey, dear pilgrims. I am about to have the same dates :) Starting on Sat, September 30 from Porto, but will be there 1-2 days earlier to discover a city and get my pilgrim passport. So if anyone is there on Sept 29, we can do dinner together. About weather - I am taking 3 layers: t-shirt...