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    Bus from Muxia to Santiago

    👋 hi we just returned from Fisterra to Santiago by using BlaBlaCar. You could check that app!
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    OBSOLETE COVID THREAD Camino Mask Strategies?

    Happy masks are amazing! Especially for children! They conform and fit well and seem to be comfortable for the kids too. My 2 year old and I just finished the camino Frances on Tuesday and we wore masks as needed. We are in fisterra right now and the grocery store employees most always have one...
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    Starting In Burgos and questions about pilgrim passport

    The main pilgrim office by the plaza next to the cathedral opens at 9-4. and they have credentials. We got ours at the albergue municipal though. And we only walked to tardajos the first day staying at la fabrica. It was lovely ! And the grilled food was yummy too. Buen camino !
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    Madrid Airport

    It’s easier to take the bus I promise ! Don’t pay the extra especially with the interterminal bus is free!
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    Madrid Airport

    It depends on how full your flight is and division of eu/non eu passport holders. I landed Madrid 2 weeks ago at 1110 with a 1315 bus. I waited about 10minutes in a pretty long line before one of the guards pulled me up bc of my stroller and toddler. There was only One police guard checking the...
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    Looking for accommodation recommendations in Leon

    We are in Boutique Inn Leon right now and it is brand new very nice and reasonable and steps from the cathedral. We stayed in check in Leon also which was more economical but also the best bunk beds we have come across and spacious
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    Heatwave alert. Southern Spain especially

    We are in Sahagun today. Thank goodness the weather broke. Only up to 23 today. Last few days have not been nice
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    Heatwave alert. Southern Spain especially

    We have been able to freeze 3 days so far! It’s been a luxury and more. You will probably pass us in the upcoming days. I’m with a toddler in a hiking stroller. Aka water mobile play home
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    Heatwave alert. Southern Spain especially

    We walked from Carrión to calzadilla only yesterday. It was brutal heat but okay in the morning. The food truck guy at 9Km out is a nice respite but don’t linger long bc then it’s still a looooong interminable end it seems. We froze two 1.5L bottles and they saved us from core temperature...

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