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  1. J

    Alert WARNING - indecent exposure leaving Ponte Lima 5 Jan 2024

    This happened in November 2022 in the same area to a peregrina that I met, just north of Ponte de Lima, pretty much in the exact same spot you marked on the map.
  2. J

    Coastal Portuguese Camino

    Casa do Sardão in Carreço is really nice if you want to have a day with less walking and more chill-in-the-albergue time, with several cozy common areas. The dorms are also quite nice there.
  3. J

    What not to miss on Camino Portuguese

    I second this - even if you're not particularly religious, the little green area by the statue is quite peaceful and a nice place to sit and reflect (or have a picnic after picking up some snacks in Padron).
  4. J

    Camino Portuguese alone or with someone

    It's been very different post-pandemic. As mentioned above by another user, the Portuguese Central route (especially from Porto northwards) is the second most popular route after the Francis, and as late as November, you'll be seeing lots of pilgrims along the way.
  5. J

    Camino Portuguese alone or with someone

    For me, I take some comfort in the fact that on the Portuguese route, you pretty much always have a good cell signal. If you have a smartphone and buy a cheap data package once you arrive in Lisbon (I got a 10GB+calling+texting for Europe at Vodafone for 25€ in the airport after landing), then...
  6. J

    Lisbon to Porto: Jan 2024

    I haven't been there at this time of year, but I walked the Portuguese Central and Coastal routes (probably the same as what you walked) last year and this year in November. In terms of clothing I recommend that you have solid raingear - December through January seems to have the most...
  7. J

    Extra Day in the Last 100km -- Where To Spend It

    There's a beautiful statue of St James at the top of a hill in Padron off-route that's worth seeing. It has a nice quiet green area that's great to sit in and reflect. Budget an extra hour to get up there, sit for a bit, and to return to the route.
  8. J

    Coastal Camino in November

    Thanks anyway!
  9. J

    Coastal Camino in November

    Any idea on the state of the mountain paths after Ponte de Lima now? I can't imagine it's much better now since it hasn't stopped raining.

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