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  1. MichelleO

    Second Camino Left me feeling Unfulfilled

    I also found the Portuguese unfriendly on my last visit in 2023. A change from earlier visits.
  2. MichelleO

    Is this Camino clothing heresy?

    David, your overalls look a little warm. I think something with a bit more space would work better. As a female, undressing to wee is also a consideration, so I think overalls in a lightweight cotton are the way to go - with a singlet underneath. 'Overland Overalls '
  3. MichelleO

    6 Month Training & Weight Loss Plan for an Overweight/Plus Size Pilgrim

    I lost the weight of 2 backpacks before my last Camino and felt much better for it. I focused on the weight loss not on training (which for me happened on the Camino). I cut out sugar. Pretty much a low carb keto diet. I felt better and enjoyed my Camino more. Of course, I did not stick to keto...
  4. MichelleO

    Albergue signs

    This one isn't toilet related but still makes me think that I should have reported this.
  5. MichelleO

    Albergue signs

    We have a photo of this one too!
  6. MichelleO

    The Way - part 2. Any news?

    Wow! I saw a guy and I was really sure it was Emilio Estevez. My husband wasn't so sure. It was just before Arzúa when I saw him sitting on a bench having a snack so I asked him if his name was Emilio. He said no, it's Carlos. But that's what a celebrity would say anyway. I'm sure he thought we...
  7. MichelleO

    Coming to the Camino Frances, a flood of tour groups

    These groups might not be taking Albergue bunk beds but I think that the price of our occasional private room will go up.
  8. MichelleO

    A very wet day on the Camino Frances!

    We woke up to heavy rain at Viloria de Rioja and decided to continue with the plan and walk 24km to Villafranca-Montes de Oca. We wore ponchos all day and walked through mud. Some of the paths approaching town were not safe in the conditions. We didn't have 'flowing paths' but it was a longer...
  9. MichelleO

    Alert Fires in Obanos - 30 minutes before Puente la Reina

    On the television news the Mayoress of Obanos is speaking about how the fires are affecting Obanos. I think there are a couple of fire zones.
  10. MichelleO

    Alert Fires in Obanos - 30 minutes before Puente la Reina

    I walked into Puente la Reina today. Maximum temperature here is about 42°C at 6pm. I've just watched the news and they are talking about fires in Obanos - about 30 minutes walk before Puente la Reina. I've tried Googling to see if it's on the Camino path but I can't find anything recent...
  11. MichelleO

    Are you ready for another round of "I can't find a bed"

    You have just mentioned my last 2 stops! Zabaldika is a hidden gem with great Hospitaleros and a wonderful communal dinner. Tonight I am at Zariquiegui. Unfortunately it is a 42°C day but the cool grass around the church is the only place to relax. I also got to watch the installation of a new...
  12. MichelleO

    August heatwave on camino

    We are in Zubiri right now and we get up and start walking around 6am on these very hot days. After checking into our Albergue, the very next stop was the river! I jumped in clothes and all - I showered and washed my clothes all at the same time! What a relief that cold water was. In saying...
  13. MichelleO

    August heatwave on camino

    We've just moved on from 5 days in Madrid. The 42°C day we spent alternating between the shady trees and standing under the sprinklers in Parque del Retiro! All days were 39°C or hotter and with a minimum of around 23°C. Sí, hace mi muy calor. We were active but we got really tired. Definitely...
  14. MichelleO

    West Australian Camino meeting

    Where are you Dennis?
  15. MichelleO

    West Australian Camino meeting

    We're planning on attending again. This time we hope to be on time! 9am?
  16. MichelleO

    Post a Picture of Shoes or Boots

    I found another one! Santiago de Compostela
  17. MichelleO

    Post a Picture of Shoes or Boots

    Last day
  18. MichelleO

    Checked the “toe issues” threads... this one is not addressed (so far)

    Definitely short enough - after the hike 😋
  19. MichelleO

    Checked the “toe issues” threads... this one is not addressed (so far)

    Had my first walk in a while: from Kalamunda to the bottom of the Zig Zag and back - about 16km. Wore my low-rise Merrell MOABs and (poor choice) thin Kathmandu hiking socks. I wore the thin socks because it was a warm day. I just took this photo but the hike was 18 days ago. My mistake? The...

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