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  1. ShoshTrvls

    Last min questions

    On the issue of "town clothes," I brought with me an extremely lightweight swing dress, which could also double as a nighshirt/gown. That being said, I definitely used it more as a nightgown than a dress, generally just throwing on my next days' walking clothes after arrival and showering each...
  2. ShoshTrvls

    Introducing myself--hello from Philadelphia!

    We are close neighbors - I’m in Queen Village!
  3. ShoshTrvls

    Cancelling Camino - Soliciting Advice

    I was not in the best shape for my first Camino, and was sick as well. You know what I did? I gave myself the grace to walk what I could, and took a cab to my accommodations when I got to the point of being miserable and couldn’t go any further. I did that three of six days. And I still had...
  4. ShoshTrvls

    Introducing myself--hello from Philadelphia!

    Was going to post the same thing! (Sorry I’ll miss you all tomorrow).
  5. ShoshTrvls

    What’s the difference between my two chargers?

    Maybe one is also an adapter?
  6. ShoshTrvls

    Alternative Routes - Betanzos to Bruma

    Exactly what I was looking for! Thanks.
  7. ShoshTrvls

    transporting of bags.

    Correos does transfer bags there -- it is listed in a different town. I can't find it now, but I had sent a message to Correos through the website and they gave me the info to input on the website.
  8. ShoshTrvls

    Alternative Routes - Betanzos to Bruma

    Gronze shows and recommends two alternative routes on the Betanzos to Hospital de Bruma stage -- one at Cos, and one just a bit before the merge with the A Coruna route. Can anyone provide a bit more info on these beyond Gronze? Clearly, as to the first, Gronze makes the alternative much more...
  9. ShoshTrvls

    Lightweight backpack for petite female

    Did you try a Traverse at REI? I’ve become a big fan.
  10. ShoshTrvls

    How to make rain poncho visible

    The main problem with reflective tape, IMHO, is that you'll never get your poncho back into a stuff sack, at least not a smallish one.
  11. ShoshTrvls

    Bathroom stops on the camino for female Peregrinas

    Ah, but I expect you have not birthed babies. Trust me, once you have done so, "planning" is not always so easy.
  12. ShoshTrvls

    Bathroom stops on the camino for female Peregrinas

    Along the Portugues there were at least two places/small concrete block buildings we passed that had an assortment of vending machines and two toilets, which I think were 1euro each to unlock the door. (One was in Pontecesures; don’t recall where the other one was). Not sure who kept them up...
  13. ShoshTrvls

    Lightweight backpack for petite female

    I’m also 5’1” and recently traded in my Gregory for REI’s Traverse 32. I took it out fully loaded yesterday and found it to be very comfortable and balanced.
  14. ShoshTrvls

    Where do ( did ) you walk locally in 2024?

    It is spring in Philadelphia so I put on my fully loaded pack for a short training walk along the Schuylkill River.
  15. ShoshTrvls

    Lightweight Blankets for Walking the Camino

    I just received this from MEC in Canada. I haven't actually used it yet but as a replacement for both a liner and summer blainket at 1.27 lbs, it is light and looks to be warmish and comfortable...
  16. ShoshTrvls

    Crazy things people do in the last 100 km

    I could not love a post more than this one.
  17. ShoshTrvls

    Those who have walked at least one Camino - What are your favorite insoles and why?

    I also moved from Superfeet to a custom insole. This is the company I used, but I suspect they are all about the same: https://www.upstep.com/
  18. ShoshTrvls

    Staying in Padron

    The pedronia is given at the library, which is also the tourism office, after you get a stamp at the church. I liked Padron, and while it wouldn’t be my first choice for a rest day, it wouldn’t be a bad place to spend a day.
  19. ShoshTrvls

    Backpack Replacement Recos?

    I am also a lover of Gregory but just today I returned my new Gregory Jade 33 and got an REI Traverse 32. I loved everything about the Jade until it was fully loaded - then the shoulder straps started digging into my body. I thought “It just needs to be fitted; I’ll pay a visit to REI.” Turns...
  20. ShoshTrvls

    Sharing a menu del dia/ becoming a trend/ Santiago de Compostela

    And on Sundays there'd be copies of the NYTimes laying all over the place, and while eating your bagel and lox (matzoh brei during Passover), you'd exchange sections with the table next to you. double sigh....

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