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  1. renegadepilgrim

    Anyone have any travel advice getting to SJPdP from Hawaii?

    Or you can take a train from Paris to SJPdP which is easier.
  2. renegadepilgrim

    Anyone have any travel advice getting to SJPdP from Hawaii?

    If you look below my picture, there is a little PM button you can click on to PM me...hope that helps. Open jaw tickets are where you fly into one city but out of another city. For instance, fly into Paris, fly out of Madrid. It's much easier to get from Paris to SJPdP than from Madrid to...
  3. renegadepilgrim

    Anyone have any travel advice getting to SJPdP from Hawaii?

    Aloha! You might want to look into flying Westward, unlike the rest of us who fly East towards Europe...if you do fly Eastward, have you looked into flying from Hawaii (not sure which island you are on) to NYC, then onto Paris? I think Hawaiian Airlines flies into NYC. I prefer to fly into...
  4. renegadepilgrim

    Best airport to come into from the states

    That is way too much money to spend on a ticket (not to mention one of the most painful itineraries I have EVER seen! There are one stop flights out of SFO, I know because I am helping a pilgrim book their flights for summer....absolutely no need to have that many stops)...I would wait until...
  5. renegadepilgrim

    Buying Rail Tickets on RENFE

    I used Rumbo for booking flights from Madrid to Lisbon and Porto to Madrid. Not train. I just bought day of travel in Portugal from Lisbon to Porto for 24€ one way. Still haven't figured out how to get from SDC to Porto. :) I will figure it out later! Sorry but when someone posts their first...
  6. renegadepilgrim

    Buying Rail Tickets on RENFE

    Never heard of them and its your first post. Sounds suspicious to me. I'd go with a trusted site like raileurope before anyone else.
  7. renegadepilgrim

    LA/SF to SJPDP?

    Ha! aka American Pilgrims on the Camino (APOC) :) This same question was asked there and has gotten the same responses, so I was just curious if it was the same person looking for different answers. :)
  8. renegadepilgrim

    LA/SF to SJPDP?

    Didn't you ask this same question on the APOC FB page? :)
  9. renegadepilgrim

    Getting from Santiago to Madrid

    I am also a huge fan of Vueling airlines. I flew them from Santiago to Barcelona and bought my ticket three days in advance for 70 Euros I think. Not a bargain, but compared to what a last minute ticket costs in the US, I was happy with that.
  10. renegadepilgrim

    Ticket prices should fall- Hold off buying if you can

    Yes, that is a RT ticket. American Airlines with one stop on DFW both directions. For the record, I would have preferred a non-American airline but for that price, I couldn't pass it up. I flew American out/in the US last year on my RTW trip and I have never experienced such rude flight crews in...
  11. renegadepilgrim

    Ticket prices should fall- Hold off buying if you can

    I bought my ticket for mid-October about a month ago, PDX to MAD for $750 total. Best fare I've ever gotten to Europe! The FAA taxes are being added on again, not sure why everyone was making such a big deal about it, only adds 10% to most ticket prices....fuel surcharges are way more than that!
  12. renegadepilgrim

    accom in barcelona

    http://www.pensionpalacio.com/indexing.htm I stayed at Pension Palacio and found it to be adequate, close to everything (La Ramla, Barrio Gotic, the waterfront, etc) and the prices reasonable. Check it out. I also stayed at the HI hostel near Parc Guell and DO NOT recommend it. Too many...
  13. renegadepilgrim

    Is it possible to rent a scooter to do the Camino?

    Nice to know I'm not the only one who has thought of doing it on a scooter (preferably my 1980 P200). I also thought doing it on a moped of some sort, like my 1985 Tomos, would also be fun. It would go slow enough to stop and enjoy things, but still be able to do it in a reasonable amount of...
  14. renegadepilgrim

    Paris to SJP on May 24th, 2011

    When I flew into Paris last year I had my bag and was through customs in less than an hour.
  15. renegadepilgrim

    Bus from Pamplona to Roncesvalles on a sunday?

    Another thought is to see about a flight from Madrid to Biarritz, then take a bus to Bayonne, train to SJPdP....less aggravation, though it might cost more.
  16. renegadepilgrim

    best way to travel to astorga

    I think the bus goes from Leon to Astorga pretty regularly. You could try from there. I took the bus from La Virgen del Camino to Astorga, I assume the bus started in Leon.
  17. renegadepilgrim

    Best airport to come into from the states

    If you are going to do travel after the Camino, then definitely look into an open-jaw ticket. I flew to Barcelona after the Camino, spent a week there before taking a ferry to Civittavechia (sp?) just north of Rome. Best time ever!!! I knew that I had from April 16th until June 21st (when my...
  18. renegadepilgrim

    Best airport to come into from the states

    I flew into Paris, spent a night to adjust to time change, then train to Bayonne, spent the night, then bus to SJPdP. I liked having a few days to adjust to the new time and environment. It made my start a good one. I flew from SDC to Barcelona on Vueling Airlines (I recommend them!) where I...
  19. renegadepilgrim

    Santiago De Compostella to Rome Travel After

    If you are up for an adventure, fly on Vueling from SDC to Barcelona, then take the ferry from Barcelona to Civitavecchia, then a train to Rome. I did that after my Camino last year. It was a lot of fun. I spent a week in Barcelona, then took the overnight ferry (it's more like a cruise ship...
  20. renegadepilgrim

    difficulty booking bus tickets from Movelia

    I understand you are having problems with your card, I just wanted to know "why" it was so important to book ahead. I would imagine there are probably several buses that go to Pamplona each day. Good luck figuring it out.... :)

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