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  1. Dawn Gibson

    Vegetarian-Friendly Accommodations Along the French Way

    Also handy although a little out of date, but some info will still be relevant 🥰... https://www.thenomadicvegan.com/?s=Camino&tcb_sf_post_type%5B%5D=post&tcb_sf_post_type%5B%5D=page
  2. Dawn Gibson

    Vegetarian-Friendly Accommodations Along the French Way

    Hi 😊 I walked the Camino Frances in 2018 on a budget. I am vegan and never went hungry. I opted to mostly make my own dinners due to money and also not always wanting to sit at a table with others at a set time. I usually ate earlier and often wanted quiet 😊 When I did eat in albergues, the...
  3. Dawn Gibson

    Raising money?

    Hi. 👋 It's definitely not gauche ☺️ and it's definitely your decision and not anyone else's so if you want to do it, do it! ☺️ I decided only a few weeks before setting off on the CF that I would fundraise, too. I set my goal at £778 (the same number as the km I was going to walk) and reached...
  4. Dawn Gibson

    No tech!!!

    I was fundraising when I did the CF so I updated on my just giving page every few days. And I just put the link to it on FB. I didn't have any apps which helped (it's too easy to open and app and before you know it you're doing scrolling FB etc!). Several pilgrims I met were sending a group...
  5. Dawn Gibson

    Socks, no really

    I wore La Sportiva hiking runners (May and September). My training hikes highlighted rubbing together of two toes. So I tried Ininji Coolmax toe socks and wore Bridgeable Coolmax liner socks over them. I had zero blisters on both the Frances and the Finisterre Caminos and will wear the same...
  6. Dawn Gibson

    An airport quandary

    Hi. ☺️ There's plenty of good tips here so I am just dropping in to reiterate what others have said about a taxi. If you decide to taxi rather than bus to the airport, definitely book one. There's apparently a shortage in Santiago at the moment so don't get caught out. Safe journey home 😎
  7. Dawn Gibson

    Tips for preventing tendinitis

    Hi ☺️. I thought I had tendinitis and walked in agony for days. It was my crisis point, and I honestly thought my Camino was over 😭. Then a wonderful pharmacist in Hospital d'Orbigo saved me 😍. She diagnosed shin splint and, with the help of a special bandage, I walked out of there a new woman...
  8. Dawn Gibson

    Vegetarian-friendly meals on the Camino Frances

    This is great to read ❤️ thank you for sharing. I walked the CF in 2018 as a vegan and never went hungry! Chickpeas and raw veggies never tasted so gorgeous as they did at the end of a Camino day! 😊💚💚💚 There's also a Facebook group 'Vegetarians and Vegan on the Camino' which is handy, plus the...
  9. Dawn Gibson

    Pagan origins of the Camino

    Hi. I found this book fascinating, The Hidden Camino by Louise Sommer. Here's an Amazon link... https://www.amazon.co.uk/Hidden-Camino-spiritual-journey-pilgrimage/dp/099421703X/?tag=casaivar-21
  10. Dawn Gibson

    Cats on the Camino: Strays or Pets? Etiquette for Feeding Them

    I am a cat person! 😁 and a vet nurse and have volunteered in countries doing trap, neuter, return of street/feral cats. In the Camino Frances I carried pouches of cat food and gave them to cats who needed feeding. A neutered feral should have the top of his or her left ear cut off, or 'tipped'...
  11. Dawn Gibson

    Recommended Accommodations for a 2-night Stay in León

    I spent one night at the Globetrotter hostel, right near the cathedral. It was great. Clean and very comfortable, staff were nice. Small self catering kitchen. Booked it through booking.com . We had friends who booked for two nights, so you should be ok. Good value, too, right in the ❤️ of the...
  12. Dawn Gibson

    Vegetarian-Friendly Accommodations Along the French Way

    There is a FB group 'Vegetarians and Vegans on the Camino' you could join. https://www.facebook.com/groups/202518663576649/?ref=share Also Nomadic Vegan https://www.facebook.com/Nomadic.Vegan I am vegan and walked the Frances in 2018. No problems. I self catered in the albergues mostly due to...
  13. Dawn Gibson

    All-encompassing Camino book

    Thanks 😊 This is good info 👍🏼 I have read the first one and agree. The second one sounds good also, I will look at that, too. Thank you for taking the time to tell me about them.
  14. Dawn Gibson

    All-encompassing Camino book

    Thank you 😊 Great info, thank you 😊
  15. Dawn Gibson

    All-encompassing Camino book

    Thank you 😊
  16. Dawn Gibson

    All-encompassing Camino book

    Thank you.😊
  17. Dawn Gibson

    All-encompassing Camino book

    Thanks David. I will have a look. 🙂
  18. Dawn Gibson

    All-encompassing Camino book

    Thanks 🙂 This was my first Camino book, I loved it. My friend has read it and loved it, too.
  19. Dawn Gibson

    All-encompassing Camino book

    Excellent information, thank you so much. I will start looking for it, it sounds great. ☺️
  20. Dawn Gibson

    All-encompassing Camino book

    Just had a quick look, sounds great. Thanks very much 🙂

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