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    What are the names of the Portuguese Routes?

    Thanks ,, Mike V
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    What are the names of the Portuguese Routes?

    I am planning on hiking the Portuguese Camino next May. can you tell me what the distance is from Lisbon to Santiago? Porto to Santiago? I completed the Camino Frances last year and I think I'm hooked on doing all of them.
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    finding my way 16.8.2013 11days to go!

    "there is nothing like a first Camino! Let the anticipation build..." Yes, that is so true. I hiked from Pamplona to Burgos; Sarria to Santiago last Sept.The anticipation was stimulating enough but actually doing it was AWESOME! This past May I returned to hike Burgos to Sarria ;Santiago to...
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    running of the bulls in Sept

    For those who are planning on hiking the camino Frances in Sept., there is a running-of-the-bulls festival in Viana the 2nd Sunday of Sept. I happened to be there coincidentally last Sept and it was one of my highlites for sure. The bulls are let loose at 2:00pm and the festival continues well...
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    Just got back

    Second to the Right, and Straight on till Morning." That, Peter had told Wendy, was the way to Neverland." (From "Peter Pan", by J. M. Barrie) Scarcely could there be better directions to The Camino. I have learned that it is not so much a place, although it is a place, as it is a Way. It is...
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    walking sep 16 - oct 18

    I walked from Pamplona to Burgos then from Sarria to Santiago last Sept. It was VERY HOT. temps were in the 90's. also very crowded. It was like a race to get a bed in the albergues. people were leaving at 4:30am to avoid the heat and to get their place in line at noon;only to have to wait...
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    To Finisterre

    The bus leaves Santiago at 9:00am. if you spend the night and want to leave the next morning, there is an 8:20am bus going back. DO NOT GET ON THE 8:00am bus as it doubles as a school bus and takes forever to get there.I walked to Finnisterre 2 weeks ago. 4 days, 2nd day was kinda long ,32 km...
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    Just returned from the Camino....Advice to others 60+ years

    Re: Just returned from the Camino....Advice to others 60+ years I too just returned from hiking the camino, Burgos to Finnisterre this year;St Jean Pied de Port to Burgos last year. I had some more time before my flight home so I did a little of the Camino Sanabrens south of Santiago near...
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    volunteering at an albergue

    I am leaving for Madrid on Sunday,April 28... 3 days from now. Then I will be taking a bus to Burgos where I will start my Camino (where I stopped last year). I looked at the weather forecast for next week and it looks cold,windy and rainy/snowy. I have plenty of time this year to make it all...
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    I saw a movie called 'BRUNO' . was this the same Bruno? Great movie!!
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    thanks, I guess that means about 10km from Sahagun.
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    miss the Meseta???

    Re: what to miss? some of the best advice I have read on this forum! as is said on the Appalachian Trail over and over "HIKE YOUR HIKE"
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    sounds nice especially since I know I'll be missing my dog by then, so, where exactly is Moratinos?
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    how far is Somport from Jaca?

    falcon>>> what month/day was that? I bet the cops get a real charge out of the crazy perregrinos!
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    how far is Somport from Jaca?

    Thanks so much Annie. So, probably not a pleasant stroll down from the Somport Pass in early May. I'll plan on going to Jaca on May1 and get the latest there. if it's too 'unpleasant' due to weather to start up top, I'll just start the Aragones from Jaca.
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    how far is Somport from Jaca?

    Falcon, did you start the Aragones in Somport? if so, when? what month/day? just trying to get an 'idea' what the weather (snow? rain? temps?) will be like. bear in mind please that I will be there on April 30/May1
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    how far is Somport from Jaca?

    Merci, Falcon. Candanchu Sure looks pretty with all that snow. have you heard anything about the snow situation @ Col de Lepoeder? I will be either at Candanchu or St Jean Pied de Port on April 30/May 1. The Aragones sure looks more interesting. If you could only do one of the 2 routes which...
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    how far is Somport from Jaca?

    I am considering hiking the Camino Aragones and hooking into the Frances starting April 30. I'd like to start in Somport but I can't find Somport on a Google map. I read that someone took a local bus from Jaca so I assume it's not far from Jaca. Is Somport north of Jaca? if so how far?
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    Best Time of Year to Start Camino fro SJPDP?

    hola!buenos dias. yes, I started Sept 5 , Pamplona to Burgos. After the flight to Madrid and the bus trip to Pamplona I was anxious to get my hike started and therefore did not want to spend any more travel time to get to SJPDP . I am from FL and the heat was not a big deal to me as it was a dry...

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