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    Merrell Glove 4 trail runners for El camino?

    Hi, I bought them but read afterwards that you really need to walk with barefoot/minimalist shoes for at least 3 moths as there is hardly any coushinging support and a lot of your muscles haven’t been working at all if you been walking with normal shoes with sole. So I bought a pair of...
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    Merrell Glove 4 trail runners for El camino?

    Sounds good Mal, thanks!
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    Merrell Glove 4 trail runners for El camino?

    Thanks spursfan, bought trail glove 4 today. Wish me luck! :)
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    Clever Hiker has some good tips and information...

    I did just over 300km with Osprey Talon 33 L and found it to be excellent in terms of comfort and usability. I never hiked before and never used any other backpack for hiking so can't compare, but it's just over a pound and there we some prose over the exos that I read beforehand. Found it a bit...
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    Merrell Glove 4 trail runners for El camino?

    Hi All, So I did el Camino 2 years ago from Leon to Santiago and messed up with shoes. So now I'm planning to do the same route in July and looking for good breathable light shoes. Bought Moab 2 ventilator and walked with them a few times now, but find them too heavy and chunky. Then somebody...
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    Last minute journey to Compostela?! Crazy or Worth it

    Hi yoosusie, Just to set the scene, I did El Camino in July 2016 from Leon to Santiago de Compostella (around 306 km). I was 43 and never hiked in my life. The 3 plus years up to doing the trip I was in the gym once I think. Been smoking a pack a day of cigarettes since 15 years old and the 3...

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