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  1. Camino with Kids

    Transportation to Ponte de Lima

    Well we completed the camino Ingles last fall and are now looking at part of the camino Portuguese next fall. I need to get to Ponte de Lima and would like to find the most efficient mode of transportation. We will fly into Lisbon then can fly to a smaller airport then bus, or bus (train?) all...
  2. Camino with Kids

    Elevation maps

    I would like to print elevation maps similar to those on gronze.com but can't seem to just cut and paste the map because of the file format. Perhaps its not meant to be. Does anyone have a suggestion of how to get elevation maps? Thanks Susan
  3. Camino with Kids

    Scallop Shell

    Sorry if this has been addressed but I'm just looking for a quick answer. Is the scallop shell something you buy at the beginning of your camino to help identify you as a pilgrim or is it something you buy at the end as a sign of completion? And where do you buy it? Thanks!
  4. Camino with Kids

    Travelling from Santiago to Paris

    I've looked at reasonable flights from Santiago to Paris and the are all operated by Vueling which I have heard horror stories about so I was hoping others would have some suggestions. I understand that there isn't any efficient mode of transportation to get to Paris so our second choice would...
  5. Camino with Kids

    Late evening check ins

    We have booked all our accommodations as we have a large family but I was wondering if anyone could comment on checking in later in the evening as well as finding food. If we are going to be quite late should we just pack dinner or eat on the way if possible or do the towns have late night...
  6. Camino with Kids

    Average walking speed

    Does anyone have an idea of the average walking speed on the Camino Ingles between Betazos and Bruma? I realize everyone is a different age and fitness level - I'm just looking for a speed to target in training as this is a 31 km day to our accommodation just past Bruma. Thanks in advance!
  7. Camino with Kids

    Sights to see in Ferrol?

    We have about a day and a half booked in Ferrol to get over our jet lag before starting to walk the camino. Any suggestions on sights to see etc while we are there. Thanks Susan
  8. Camino with Kids

    Walking with large family

    Hi. My husband and I and 5 or 6 of our children (ages 12 to 28) are walking the Camino Ingles at the end of August 2016. We fly into Coruna and have booked accommodations for 2 days in Ferrol to get over our jet lag (we are coming from Canada). Then we want to walk over 6 days but everything...

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