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  1. Magwood

    Warning for solo female pilgrims to be aware on Mozárabe

    I hadn't thought to mention this previously, but on reading today a post on a fb group I follow I think I should. On the long stage from Villaharta to Alcaracejos there is a smallholding that you pass through at around 18 km. Back in 2015 I walked this route from Málaga with forum member...
  2. Magwood

    An overview of the Camino Mozárabe from Almería Part 2

    Part 1 of this post can be found here Click the link in each paragraph if you want to see the full report from each day, including elevation profiles and lots of photos. Stage 1. Almeria to Santa Fe de Mondujar 24 km Riverbed / road, nice albergue with good kitchen - casa rural (town house)...
  3. Magwood

    An overview of the Camino Mozárabe from Almería with resources, Part 1

    I decided to walk the Camino Mozárabe from Almería largely in response to a camino forum member requesting company on the route. I was an early responder and thought for many months that there would just be the two of us. Whereas slowly but surely other forum members showed interest in joining...
  4. Magwood

    Five from the forum go forth...

    It started as five @mla1 @glauder@xtra.co.nz @Ninja @marilyn van graan @Magwood setting out from Almeria on the camino Mozárabe. In Granada we lost one and gained one, @C clearly Now after three weeks we are parting ways, Marilyn and I are taking the variant through Trujillo and will...
  5. Magwood

    I couldn't resist...no-drone video round-up

    I was so moved and inspired by the video featured in a recent thread that I felt compelled to make one in the same format. Nowhere near as professional as the video made by SummitXtreme, and with no drone footage, but I think it gives a real feel for all the wonderful sights and experiences...
  6. Magwood

    New video and daily blog posts along the caminos de Madrid, Salvador, Primitivo & Fisterra

    Not exactly live, although posted live to my blog each day along these four camino routes. Just didn't have the time or the energy to post to the forum at the same time. On the Madrid and San Salvador there were very few other pilgrims although things got busy on the Primitivo and Fisterra. I...
  7. Magwood

    Any recent information on the Camino Torres?

    I'm thinking about walking the Torres next year, can anyone provide shortcuts to info so save me reinventing the wheel? Is there any albergue infrastructure on this route, or is it likely to be rather expensive?
  8. Magwood

    New link for Camino Mozarabe video

    Sorry for the inconvenience of anyone who tried to watch my video and found it blocked due to copyright issues. I have now edited it to include music that I have permission to use. Here is a new link...
  9. Magwood

    Camino Mozarabic -good news from Málaga

    I have just received my regular edition of the Málaga newsletter with the following as the leading item... Iglesia de Santiago - This emblematic church in Calle Granada has been closed for restoration work for 18 months. It reopened its doors last week and looks amazing. You can see some photos...
  10. Magwood

    LIVE from the Camino Magwood's Camino de Madrid

    Am on the last stage of the Camino de Madrid. Will reach the Frances tomorrow and continue on the Salvador, Primitivo and Fistera. I have blogged live each day. You can see daily entries here . I give lots of info and photos. I am walking with forum members @eli and @marilyn van graan and...
  11. Magwood

    Views from the Norte, Ruta do Mar and Ingles

    Finally uploaded the video of my latest Camino to YouTube...I hope it brings back memories for some and inspires others. It shows stages walked and distances covered which are also detailed in my blog
  12. Magwood

    Camino Ingles

    I have already walked the Camino del Norte from Irun to Ribadeo which you can follow on this forum thread and a personalised version of the Ruta do Mar from Ribadeo to Ferrol which you can follow here I am now on the Ingles. Here is a link to my first day, Neda to Betanzos
  13. Magwood

    How busy is the Camino Fisterra?

    Having spent a few totally wonderfully solitary days walking the Ruta do Mar (with a few side trips) I will soon be rejoining Camino society on the Camino Ingles. I then plan to walk to Finisterre but am concerned about how many other pilgrims I am likely to meet. Does anyone have a feeling as...
  14. Magwood

    Live from the Ruta do Mar

    Link to stage 1, Ribadeo to Foz
  15. Magwood

    Albergue at Piñera - anyone stayed here recently?

    it would be convenient for me to stay st this albergue, but I have been put off by very negative reports regarding cleanliness (lack of ) and problems with mosquitos. I would appreciate any recent feedback please.
  16. Magwood

    Live - Cam. Norte Daily posts from the Camino del Norte

    I set off from Irun today. I am posting daily to my blog. I will put a link to the daily posts here. Just click the link below or, if you prefer follow to blog directly and receive an email each time I publish a post at http://www.magwood.me Day 1 - Irun to San Sebastián
  17. Magwood

    Galician junta looking for organisation to run its albergues

    http://www.lavozdegalicia.es/noticia/galicia/2016/03/23/xacobeo-busca-imperiosa-urgencia-gestor-70-albergues/0003_201603G23P19992.htm see post below for translation... If this is true, there may be chaos around the corner - the organisation currently running all junta albergues in Galicia has...
  18. Magwood

    Walking partner sought for Mozarabe from Málaga to Mérida

    My friend Marilyn from South Africa wishes to walk the Mozarabe from Malaga, but is rightly concerned that she will have a very lonely pilgrimage. I walked this route last year and was very lucky to find a walking partner on this forum. During eighteen days it took us to reach Mérida on the...
  19. Magwood

    My film of the Mozárabe from Málaga to Finisterre

    I have finally completed and uploaded to Youtube my presentation of my recent walk along the Camino Mozárabe. It gives a flavour of the way along the Mozárabe from Málaga to Mérida, the Via de la Plata from Mérida to Granja de Moreruela, the Camino Sanabrés from Granja to Santiago de Compostela...
  20. Magwood

    GoPro advice please

    After much deliberation I have decided to buy a GoPro or similar video camera which I will use to record my walks both on camino and off. I have looked at reviews on the web but am still finding it difficult to decide what model/make to go for. Price is an issue, but I don't want to buy a...

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